Aberystwyth University Business Decisions Making Styles Task


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PART 1: After reading the  Download Trek Bicycle Narrative(DOCX) on the Corporation’s external and internal environment prepare a SWOT analysis for Trek, based on the short narrative.  Make your SWOT both useful and attractive. Upload your completed Word document to this assignment space. 

TREK BICYCLE NARRATIVE  – External and Internal Environments
Today in the U.S., inflation, cost of materials, and unemployment are all relatively stable.  
Emerging economies are growing more rapidly than the U.S. economy in general.  Foreign trade
is relatively open, so manufacturers face intense international and local competition, with
pressure to keep prices low and opportunities to utilize low-cost labor and raw materials from
around the world.  New manufacturing technologies, futuristic material, and e-commerce are
becoming more prevalent and affordable.  The political-legal climate is favorable to business in
the U.S. and most developing nations, wheras regulation is higher in the European Union.  The
standard of living is stable, the population is aging, and ethnic diversity is increasing.
Today in the bicycle-manufacturing industry, manufacturers must invest very heavily in
research and development (R& D) to compete effectively on a global scale.  Domestically, the
bicycle manufacturing industry is  fragmented, with the largest firm, Trek, controlling just 24 %
of sales. The industry’s customers are primarily local, independent bike retailers, a very
fragmented group.  The internet, and eBay in particular, provides alternate channels for new
and used bike sales.  Bike riders, the ultimate purchaser, are interested in style, conform, and
high-tech features, as well as environmental and health issues.  Suppliers of many bike
components are small, local manufacturers located in developing countries.  However, a few
suppliers re more powerful, such as Shimano, and internationally know, maker of bicycle
components and cycling gear.  Regulators are not a significant force for bicycle manufacturers,
but Trek and others have numerous joint ventures.  In one example, Trek teamed with AMD,
Nike, and other companies to produce the high-performance cycle (used by Lance Armstrong
and other leading cyclists in the Tour de France and other races.)
Trek has excellent R & D capability and effectively utilizes low-cost manufacturers in producing
the more  affordable products in its broad line of bikes.  However, its Wisconsin factory
produces its high-end lines and can customize a bile to a customer’s exact specifications.  Trek
is beginning to push to improve the customer bike-buying experience.  The company will limit
the number of retailers it uses and require retailers to stock a higher percentage of Trek
products.  In return, it will provide training and funds to improve in-store marketing and
increase customer loyalty.

PART 2: After reading the Six key types of content  Chatfield text – (p. 34), respond to the following in the text entry space provided or in a Word document.

List  and define each content (in your own words).

Give a brief example of each one.

Blog posts. …

Guest-contributed articles. …

Press mentions. …

Email marketing. …

Gated content. …

Video content.

PART 3:  Please complete the attached Download decision-making style self-assessmentand write a one page reflection on what you learned about yourself in a Word document. Follow APA guidelines for this self-assessment, including a title page. Upload to this assignment space. 

What is Your Decision Making Style?
We all approach making decisions differently.  To determine whether your
decision-making style is reflexive, reflective, or consistent, evaluate each of the
following eight statements, using the scale below.  
Place a number between 1 (Indicating the behavior is common for you) and 5
(indicating the behavior is not common for you) on the line preceding each
Behavior is common for me                                   Behavior is not common for me
1. ____Overall, I make decisions quickly.
2. ____ When making decisions, I go with my first thought or hunch
3. ____ When making decisions, I do not bother to recheck my work
4. ____When making decisions, I gather little or no information
5. ____When making decisions, I consider very few alternative options
6. ____When making decisions, I usually decide well before the deadline
7. ____When making decisions, I do not ask others for advice
8. ____ When making decisions, I do not look for other alternatives, or wish I
had waited longer.
_________Total Score     (add up the numbers you assigned to the statements)  ,
the total will be between 8 and 40.
Note where you fall on the decision-style continuum.
  Reflexive                             Consistent                                       Reflective

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