ACC Anthropology the Natives and Colonists Discussion


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Discussion Response:

Please discuss how the three readings relate to each other and which of the three most complicated your thinking about the encounter between Hernan Cortez & The Aztecs. Do you believe the development of Mexican and Mexican American Culture began at this point? If so, how? If not, why? 


Here is the responses to reply to 1.The three readings describe the discovery of two cultures and their first meeting. The beginning of a tragedy, the death of over two million people (Bartolome De Las Casas, 83). Each story from different perspectives. One telling us that the meeting between the two was civilized and how the two different people came together and how the cultures intertwined. Which is why it was the most complicated to read, how could such an evil person do such heinous acts and then cover it up with a whole other version of what happened. Cortez mae it seem like when he arrived he was seen as a king but in reality he took dictatorship and ruined coutless lives (Cortez & Diaz, 11 and Aztec Codices 29-30). I believe this was the turning point for Mexican and even Mexican-American culture, this shaped how our people would forever be changed. There was an established kingdom and way of life before the Spaniards arrived and they ruined and tore it all down in a matter of eleven years (Bartolome De Las Casas, 83).2.The three readings all talk about the Natives and Spaniards first meeting and interacting. The readings are told from different point of views but all discussed the treatment the Aztecs received on behalf of the Spaniards as directed by Cortez. I would say the Aztec Codices article complicated my thinking in what occurred between the Aztecs and Cortez. My understanding was always that Cortez took his army and went in swinging, not that he actually met Motecuhzoma and played it off as if they were there to meet him and not reflect their beliefs on them. I don’t believe the development of Mexican and Mexican-American culture began at this point. In the Cortez & Diaz document, the city they’re describing is so modern for its time. It even mentions that “the Aztecs in come aspects surpassed that of Renaissance Spain.” (Cortez & Diaz, 8) They had bridges, market squares, and even irrigation. Mexican and Mexican-American culture didn’t begin when the Spaniards arrived and started conquering, there was already a culture established. However, I do think the introduction of Spaniards changes the direction of the culture. 

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