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Draft a press release on one of the following topics for a fictional (or real) company:

1. You are video game developer Argentics, and you’ve partnered with a company to create a new game. Draft a press release announcing the launch of the game.

2. You work at an embassy in Washington, D.C., and a dignitary from the home country will be visiting in one month. Draft a press release announcing his/her visit.

3. You are a strategic communicator for Spirit Airlines, and the company is preparing to announce free water, tea and coffee on domestic flights over two hours along with a price increase on other snacks and beverages. Draft a press release making this announcement.

4. You are a public information officer (PIO) for the Melbourne Police Department. After a few fatalities in your area, a rumor is spreading on social media that there is a serial killer on the loose. The department wants to control this information and avoid public panic while it works quickly to determine whether or not the crimes are connected. Draft a press release that is as transparent as possible and also attempts to ease the mind of the local community members, while also encouraging caution and safety.

5. You are an entrepreneur and have just launched your first business, The Michael Scott Paper Company. Draft a press release to get the word out.

6. You’ve just been hired as the weekend meteorologist for Orlando News, Weather, and Sports | WFTV – WFTV. Write a news release announcing, from the perspective of the company, your new position.

7. Your real estate company has been accused of unfair and dishonest business practices for doctoring and photoshopping property photos. This has been reported in the local news and is starting to get some traction on social media. Draft a press release responding to these allegations.

The Press Release must include the following elements:

A Compelling Title

The title is the most important part of the press release. If it is not catching, your reader will not read it. The best way of making sure that your press release grabs the reader and the right attention.

Add the main keywords that provide valuable information to the reader.

Links with other Information Channels

A press release is not only a single mode of information, and this is why relying solely on it will not be effective. Instead, adding links to other information channels is a better way of gaining engagement and driving the audience to the main news release.

A Newsworthy Angle

All news sounds interesting at first, but it will not be newsworthy without a better angle. So once you compose the first draft, read it from the media’s perspective and find a bigger and better angle.

What makes the news broader and larger than the company? Address this when writing the press release.

Give a Reason to Care

Any new product, service or announcement should be introduced to answer and solve any of the customer problems. Therefore, you must create a customer persona before creating a new product or introducing a new service.

Avoid overly long descriptions with vague details. Instead, add important details and answers to the possible questions and concerns.

Compelling Details

To engage the readers, add specific and important details of the story. For example, answer the WH questions; who, why, what, where, how, in your story. And create a visual image of how the story comes together. Adding sensory details helps in making the story lively and relatable.


Customer testimonials are one of the most effective business tools and assets. Adding a customer testimonial is an excellent way of structuring and transforming your story into a piece of memorable and shareable news.

Expert Quotes

No press release is complete without an expert quote. Having an expert and knowledgeable source speak about the topic will add credibility to your story. This will tell the readers that your story is dependable and real.

Thorough Research

Research is the most time-consuming part of writing, and journalists have to spend considerable time digging out facts and formatting their news. To make it easier for them, add links to relevant sources that provide relevant and well-researched facts.

The journalist would use them to build their story.

Add a Boilerplate

A boilerplate is a short paragraph about the company that is writing the press release. Here, add some independent background and information about who the company is and what it does. It is used as an introduction to the journalist.

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