Alfred University Role of the Nurse Manager Presentation


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This Week’s assignment is to compare and contrast the role of the nurse executive and the role of the nurse manager.

You will Interview a nurse executive and a nurse manager.

Please address the following:

  • Identify role differences as follows:
    • What is the level of organizational influence and authority for decision making as it relates to staffing, retention & recruitment, patient & staff satisfaction, strategic planning, and finance management
    • What is level of community involvement (colleges, local government, professional organizations)
    • Whom does this leader report to on the organizational chart? How many people report to this leader?
    • Explain this leader’s participation in interprofessional teams within the organization, the community, and at the national and global level.
  • What are the challenges for each role?
  • What are two examples of past or future plans to restructure within the organization?
  • What is the role of the nurse executive and the nurse manager in the implementation of restructuring projects?
  • Analyze your findings of the nurse executive role and the nurse manager role. For example, how are the roles similar and/or different? Compare level of authority and responsibility.

For this assignment you can opt to present the data in a table that addresses all the interview bullet points above. The table must present the data collected during the interview in a concise, relevant, and orderly manner.

All assignments, no matter which method used, must be submitted with a cover page/slide and a reference page/slide.

Slide presentations should not exceed 8 slides of content, excluding cover and reference slides. Audio for each slide should be no more than 1.5 minutes per slide.

Speaker notes must have at least 2-3 sentences per bullet point on each slide.

  • Power point with voice over

This assignment is a presentation not a scholarly paper.

Voice thread not required, speaker notes would be appreciated !

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The AONL provides additional information:

The Role of the Nurse Executive in Patient Safety

The Role of the Nurse in Future Patient Care Delivery

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