Altering My Definition of Theatre Discussion


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After posting your initial response to the Martian’s

question, viewing the film clips on the What is

Theatre page, and reading Three Actor-Audience

Relationships, discuss the ways in which the clips and

reading lead you to modify your definition of theatre (if

they do). As always, be specific in your references. Talk

about how the clips and reading either solidify your

suggested definition or suggest the need to make

changes in what you said (and if you do want to make

changes, talk about what you would change, and why).


Hello please follow all instructions Watch each of the following videos, read Three Actor-Audience Relationships, and then proceed to the What is Theatre (Discussion Posting 2).NOTE:  Watch the first 5 minutes of Play Boy of the Western World and Night Walk. Watch the entirety of Play and Beijing Opera.  Of course, you’re free to watch more of the longer clips, if they intrigue you.  By the way, the first two videos are from a database that you can access through the library, Theatre in Video. (’s lots of interesting stuff there.Playboy of the Western World (  by Samuel BeckettThis clip is 15 min. Don’t be put off by the weird style- watch to the end. See what story you can put together out of the confessions.( Opera

TRANSCRIPT OF VIDEO FILE:00:00:00______________________________________________________________________________ 00:00:00BEGIN TRANSCRIPT: 00:00:00[sil.] 00:00:00from The Richard Rodgers Theatre New York City 00:00:00KEVIN KLINE JENNIFER GARNER DANIEL SUNJATA 00:00:00in CYRANO de BERGERAC by EDMOND ROSTAND 00:00:00translated and adpated by ANTHONY BURGESS 00:00:00set design TOM PYE 00:00:00costume design GREGORY GALE 00:00:00lightning design DON HOLDER 00:00:00directed for the stage by DAVID LEVAUX 00:00:00A theatre in Paris 1640 00:01:00CHRISTIAN What’s this place called, then? 00:01:05LIGNIERE Theare Boseleigh (ph)! Look, I came here to help you if I could, but it’s pretty clear that the lady isn’t coming. I’ll be on my way, I’ve some serious drinking to do tonight. 00:01:20CHRISTIAN No! Stay, just a while longer, please! To nurse a flame like mine just a little longer for- 00:01:20LIGNIERE A woman without a name! 00:01:25CHRISTIAN You’ll know her. I’m afraid, afraid she’ll be coquettish, exquisite, afraid to speak and show my- 00:01:30LIGNIERE Lack of wit! 00:01:35CHRISTIAN This smart new language they all speak and write eludes me. All I know is- 00:01:35LIGNIERE How to fight! A soldier conquered by two enemies. Shyness and love! 00:01:45CHRISTIAN I must know who she is. Wait till she comes. She’s bound to come. 00:01:45LIGNIERE No, no thirst waits for no man. I’m sorry, I must go. I have the whole of Paris to swim through. 00:01:55UNKNOWN Orange ale? 00:01:55LIGNIERE Oh God. 00:01:55UNKNOWN Milk? 00:02:00LIGNIERE My sweet young dairy-maid, I was weaned a long, long time back. 00:02:05UNKNOWN Muscadale. 00:02:05LIGNIERE Very well. Christian, I’ll stay a while. An introduction! 00:02:15UNKNOWN Not under the table, yet? 00:02:15LIGNIERE May I present Baron Christian de Neuvillette! 00:02:15CHRISTIAN Enchante! 00:02:15UNKNOWN A stranger to Paris. 00:02:20CHRISTIAN I have been here rather less than three weeks. I’m joining the guards. 00:02:25LIGNIERE Ah! Ragueneau! This is the man who let you eat and owed your poet! 00:02:30RAGUENEAU Where’s Cyrano? 00:02:35CHRISTIAN That man’s not much of a theater goer. 00:02:35RAGUENEAU He’s got to be here! 00:02:35CHRISTIAN Got to be? 00:02:35RAGUENEAU Montfleury’s performing! 00:02:40CHRISTIAN So? 00:02:40RAGUENEAU Cyrano’s sworn him, you know, to quit the stage on pain of his displeasure for a whole month! 00:02:45UNKNOWN This Cyrano. What is he? 00:02:50RAGUENEAU Here is his friend, Le Bret, he can tell you. 00:02:50LE BRET Oh God, Montfleury is performing? 00:02:55RAGUENEAU Oh well you’re looking for Bergerac? 00:02:55LE BRET I’m worried. 00:02:55UNKNOWN Is he so extraordinary, this Bergerac? 00:03:00LE BRET Exquisite! One of the world’s prodigies! 00:03:05RAGUENEAU Poet! 00:03:05LE BRET Fighter! 00:03:05CHRISTIAN Musician! 00:03:05RAGUENEAU Physician! 00:03:05CHRISTIAN Ah. His appearnce, though. Is unnaturally bizarre. 00:03:10RAGUENEAU Bizarre. Excessive! Hyperbolic! Droll. With his triple-waving plume. His visible soul. This is Cyrano de Bergerac! Cocky, insolent, ghastilly proud. He goes flaunting that punchenello strawberry nose of his. A nose, gentlemen, that makes one feel like squeeling, oh God no, it can’t be real! It must be detachable! It is! I’m prepared to bet! But Cyrano has never been known to detach it, yes. 00:03:45UNKNOWN But he doesn’t seem to be coming? 00:03:50RAGUENEAU Well he’ll be here in a minute or so. 00:03:50UNKNOWN Ah, look at her! 00:03:55UNKNOWN How unbearably beautiful! So fresh so cool! 00:04:00LIGNIERE Ah! So that’s the one? 00:04:00CHRISTIAN Yes yes yes! Who, tell me, oh my knees are knocking! 00:04:05LIGNIERE Eh second name Rebam, known as Roxanne! 00:04:05CHRISTIAN Roxanne. 00:04:10LIGNIERE Delicately reared. Bookish. 00:04:10CHRISTIAN Bookish, oh no. 00:04:10LIGNIERE Still single. An orphan. Cousin to Cyrano. 00:04:15CHRISTIAN Who’s that with her? 00:04:15LIGNIERE That’s the comp, de Guiche. Complete with cordon bleu! He’s totally smitten with her but irreparably wed to the niece of none other than Cardinal Richler. If he can’t marry Roxanne, he proposed to hitch her instead to a certain unpleasant ve cont! There he is, Valvere! And the ve cont’s obliging so de Guiche will push in there and do you catch my meaning? 00:04:45CHRISTIAN Good as dead, let me hurl it in his face! 00:04:45LIGNIERE Whose face? 00:04:45CHRISTIAN This ve cont de Valvere! 00:04:50LIGNIERE Idiot. Small stuff might you. He’ll eat you in canapaise. Stop it. You see? She’s looking at you. 00:05:05CHRISTIAN Oh heavens it’s true. At me, at me! Oh god, she’s looking at me. 00:05:10LIGNIERE So, me and my thirst will be the ones to go. 00:05:15UNKNOWN No Cyrano! I can’t understand it. 00:05:15UNKNOWN Oh it’s possible he hasn’t seen the playbill. 00:05:20UNKNOWN Ow! Ow! It’s quite a crush tonight. We’re practically in one another’s pockets! 00:05:25CHRISTIAN So I see. 00:05:30UNKNOWN Ow! If you let me go sir, I’ll let you into a secret. 00:05:30CHRISTIAN Secret. What, what! 00:05:30UNKNOWN That Ligniere! Him who’s just left, has not got more than an hour to live. He wrote a song attacking one of these gents, and they’re sending along 100 men to get him. I’m one, that’s how I know, you see? 00:05:45CHRISTIAN Where will they be? 00:05:45UNKNOWN At the port de Nell! It’s on his way home, you see? You’d better get a message to him. 00:05:50CHRISTIAN Cowards. A hundred men against one poet. Oh to have to leave just when I’ve found her. Him, her, she. He, Ligniere comes first, where the hell will he be? 00:06:10[sil.] 00:07:00CYRANO That fool! I ordered you to stay away! 00:07:05UNKNOWN It’s him! 00:07:05UNKNOWN God help us all. 00:07:05CYRANO Balloon! Baboon! Bafoon! 00:07:15[sil.] 00:07:20CYRANO For the space of one revolving moon I ordered him to rest! You hesitate. get off that stage! 00:07:30UNKNOWN Don’t! It’s an intimidation, Montfleury! 00:07:35UNKNOWN Play! 00:07:35MONTFLEURY Far from the court-earned city, oh how- 00:07:40CYRANO Good, you see this stick, you clown? I’ll plant a wood. Spliter by splinter, over your rich terrain. 00:07:50MONTFLEURY Far from the sort and- 00:07:50CYRANO Yet again you disobey. 00:07:50MONTFLEURY Please, gentlemen, help me. 00:07:55UNKNOWN Oh, carry on acting! 00:07:55CYRANO Not for four more weeks! One word more and I lambast his shivering cheeks all four of them. Back in your seats you mooing marquees’s. 00:08:10UNKNOWN This is too much! Continue, Montfleury! 00:08:10CYRANO Discontinue, rather. Off! Off! You awful, lug your guts away! You salami! Very well then. Stay, and I’ll remove you. Slice by slice. 00:08:30MONTFLEURY Misseur! In insulting me, you insult the tragic muse! 00:08:35CYRANO Consider my poor scabbard, please. I pray, she loves my sword and wants my sword to stay inside her. Off that stage. A beat. A bray. Do any of you have anything to say? Good! Let me say this. I want something desperately simple. Do you see the stage, rid of this carbunkle, this, absess. And if the flux won’t go of its own free will, well then, to lance it. Bafoon, are you here, still? Please, don’t presume too much on my good humor. I’ll clap my hands three times you moon of a man. On the third clap, eclipse yourself. Ready, one. 00:09:30[sil.] 00:09:40UNKNOWN This is irregular. 00:09:45UNKNOWN Young flock of muttonheads! Let’s have no bravos! The distinguished thespian whose paunch you love so much has had to go. 00:10:00UNKNOWN He’s charitable. Say he’s a sick man. 00:10:05UNKNOWN Well what are your reasons, sir? Why do you show such enmity towards Montfleury? 00:10:10CYRANO Young ninny. Ass, or oaf, whichever you prefer. This Montfleury of yours is a deplorable mouther. Mincer, moaner, posturer. 00:10:25UNKNOWN How about all the cash we have to give back? 00:10:25CYRANO He is right! Money matters. Let it never be said that Bergerac wish to see festerous robe go full of tatters, here! Take that! And off! 00:10:40UNKNOWN If you’ll guarantee a second roof like this, I’m ready to guarantee to let you shut the theater every night! Even when you hiss and boo for it, oh! All right all right! Let’s clear the hall. 00:10:50CYRANO It’s mad! 00:10:50UNKNOWN Yes, mad. That very famous actor has his Grace, the Duke of Gandala’s protector. Do you have a patron? 00:11:00CYRANO No. I’m protected just the same. This is my patroness. 00:11:05UNKNOWN You’ll have to go. You can’t stay here in Paris. 00:11:10CYRANO No? 00:11:10UNKNOWN You honestly think you can do the Duke of Candall harm? 00:11:10CYRANO It’s possible. As for you, please turn your toes the other way. Left inclined, or right, and thus reoriented, walk. Or tell me why you’re looking at my nose. 00:11:30UNKNOWN Oh, uh, really I, um… 00:11:30CYRANO Unusual, is it? 00:11:35UNKNOWN Really I try not to look at your nose, sir, really. 00:11:35CYRANO Why? Does it disgust you? 00:11:40UNKNOWN No no no! Not at all, not at all. 00:11:40CYRANO Too lurid, is it? Oversized? 00:11:40UNKNOWN It’s small! I mean, it, it’s, uh, beautifully, small-, uh, it’s minute! It’s miniscule. 00:11:50CYRANO Compound your insolence with ridicule, would you? My nose is small, eh? Small? 00:11:55UNKNOWN Oh, God. 00:11:55CYRANO My nose, sir, is enormous! Ignorant clod. Cressonous moron. A man ought to be proud, yes, proud of having so proud an appendix of flesh and bone to crown his countenance. Provided a great nose may be an index of a great soul. Affable, kind, endowed with wit and liberality and courage. And courtesy! Like mine! You rat-brained dunce! And not like yours! A cup of rancid porridge! To fist such nothingness would be grotesque, so take a boot instead on your backside. 00:12:40UNKNOWN He’s a bit of a bore. 00:12:40UNKNOWN A braggart! In very bad taste. Only a pig of a Plebian would sprout a snout like that. 00:12:45UNKNOWN So, may we leave it to you? 00:12:45UNKNOWN Yes, you can leave it to me. That thing of yours is big, what? Very big. 00:13:00CYRANO Precisely what I was saying. 00:13:00UNKNOWN Ha! 00:13:05CYRANO That’s all? Nothing more? Come come, sir. There are 50 score varieties of comment you could find. If you possessed a modicum of mind. For instance, there the frank, aggressive kind. If mine achieved that hypertrophic state, I’d called a surgeon in to amputate it! The friendly. It must dip into your cup. Need a nasal crane to hoist it up. The pure descriptive. From its size and shape I’d say it was a rock, a bluff, a cape, no! A peninsula! The gracious. Are you fond of birds? How sweet. A gothic perch to rest their tiny feet. Or there’s the pedant! Let me see it, please! That mythic beast of aristophenes, the hippo-camp-pamilelephant had flesh and bone like that stuck up in front? The war-like. Aim it at the enemy. Dramatic. When it bleeds, it’s the Red Sea. And finally, with tragic cries and sighs, the language finely wrought and deeply felt, oh that this true drew solid nose would melt! This is the sort of thing you could’ve said. If you, Sir Moron, were a man of letters. Or had an ounce of spunk inside your head. But you’ve no letters, have you. Save those three reserved for self-description: FOP. But be quite sure, you imbecilic nit, even if you possessed the words, and wit, I’d never let you get away with it. 00:14:50UNKNOWN Come away, Ve Cont, leave him. 00:14:50UNKNOWN Arrogant, base, non-entity. Without even a pair of gloves to his name. Let alone the ribbons and lace and velvet that a man of breeding loves. 00:15:05CYRANO I’m one of those who wear their elegance within. I smell of nothing but scrubbed liberty and polished independence. Gloves, you mentioned. Gloves. You have me there. I have this one, left over from a pair, an old, an old, old pair. Its fellow I can’t trace. I must’ve left it some Ve Cont’s face. 00:15:30UNKNOWN Curd, villain, clod, flat-footed bloody fool! 00:15:30CYRANO Ah! And I’m Cyrano de Bergerac. Enchante. 00:15:40UNKNOWN There!

00:15:45CYRANO Would you be terribly bored if I composed a poem?00:15:50UNKNOWN A poet, eh? 00:15:50CYRANO Ah, yes, my lord. I’ll improvise a ballad. 00:15:55UNKNOWN A ballad! 00:15:55CYRANO I’ll explain. It’s three eight-line stanzas, and one quatrain. So thus my proposal goes. To fight, and at the same time compose a ballad of strict classical design, and then to kill you on the final line. 00:16:10UNKNOWN Oh, no. 00:16:15CYRANO Oh, no! Ballad on a fencing bout between de Bergerac and a foppish lout! 00:16:20UNKNOWN Well when you’ve finished your doggeral recessial! 00:16:25CYRANO That was no doggeral, that was the title. Wait! Let me choose my rhymes. 00:16:30UNKNOWN Ape! 00:16:35CYRANO That’s one. 00:16:35UNKNOWN Eel! 00:16:35CYRANO Thank you! Ape, cape, grape, shape, eel, meal, feel, deal, steal, quill, I’m ready. I bear my head from crown to nape! And slowly leisurely reveal the fighting trend my beneath my cape. Then finally, I strip my steel. A thoroughbred from head to heel. Distainful of the reign or bit, tonight I draw a lyric wheel when the poem ends, I hit! Come and be burst, you purple grape! Spurt out the juice beneath your peel. Gibber and show you ribboned ape! The fence, your bolder all can feel! Let’s ring your bells, the prickly heel! Is that a fly, I’ll see to it! 00:17:50[sil.] 00:17:55CYRANO Ah! Soon, you’ll feel your blood congeal. When the poem ends, I hit! 00:18:10[sil.] 00:18:20CYRANO I need a rhyme to hold the shape. Gape, fish, going to wind the reel. The rod be lost in forest great! The sharktuse never for its meal! 00:18:35UNKNOWN Please! 00:18:40[sil.] 00:19:05CYRANO Ah, did you feel the bite? Not yet! The vultures sit until the closing of the deal! The poem ends! And then I hit. Prince, drop your weapon. Humbly kneel. Seek grace from God in represent repentance! Now I stand the seal. The poem ended, and I hit! 00:19:40UNKNOWN Bravo! 00:19:45[sil.] 00:20:05UNKNOWN Phenomenal! 00:20:05UNKNOWN Quite mad! 00:20:10[sil.] 00:20:35UNKNOWN Come on. Let’s talk. 00:20:35CYRANO Wait for the mob to die down. Misseur Jodele, may we stay here a while? 00:20:45UNKNOWN Of course you can! He’s being booted and hooted out of town over it! Tragic stilts, two running sandals. Seek transit. Lock up the doors and also candles! We’re rehearsing a farce for tomorrow at court for an hour or so. First, though, dinner! 00:21:05UNKNOWN Will you want dinner? 00:21:05CYRANO Me? No. 00:21:05UNKNOWN And why not? 00:21:05CYRANO No money. 00:21:05UNKNOWN I see every sue you got! 00:21:10CYRANO Or shall we say, one glorious day of life for a month’s pay? 00:21:15UNKNOWN And how will you live the month out? 00:21:20CYRANO I don’t know! 00:21:20UNKNOWN A stupid Ann, hm? 00:21:25CYRANO But what a gesture, no? 00:21:25UNKNOWN Pardon, sir. I couldn’t help but hear. You musn’t starve. Take some. 00:21:35CYRANO My dear. The pride of a Gascon you must understand, forbids my taking from your lily hand the tiniest morsel. But, rather than rebuff such kindness, just a grape. One is enough. No wine, just water. Half a macaroon. 00:21:55UNKNOWN This is stupid. 00:22:00UNKNOWN Nothing more? 00:22:00CYRANO Your hand? To kiss? 00:22:10UNKNOWN Thank you sir! 00:22:10CYRANO Well, now at last, we are able to talk. Dinner is on the table! Main course, drink, dessert. Strangely I, find I have quite an appetite. So, what’s on your mind. 00:22:25LE BRET Listen, these jingling fops with their bellecose airs are starting to twist and torture your ideas of gentlemanly behavior. Ask anyone of sense what they think of these carryings-on. 00:22:35CYRANO Delicious! 00:22:40UNKNOWN The cardinal! 00:22:40CYRANO He was here? 00:22:40LE BRET He is bound to find that sort of thing! Have some sense! Can’t you understand your enemies are multiplying? 00:22:50CYRANO The latest figure is? 00:22:50LE BRET By my count, 48. 00:22:50CYRANO Enumerate! 00:22:55LE BRET Oh! Montfleury! The Vecomp! His remnants, I mean. The author’s friends! That frightful de Guiche of course! The Academy! 00:23:00CYRANO Delightful! 00:23:00LE BRET This life of yours! Where will it lead you to? What system is it based on? 00:23:10CYRANO Bumbling through in aimless complication forced to play too many parts, that was my old way, but now. I’m going to take the simplest approach to life of all. Simplest and best. Best is the word. I’ve decided to excel in everything. 00:23:30LE BRET I let that pass. Now, tell me please the thing I really want to know. Your true reason, true mind for this show of hate for Montfleury! 00:23:45CYRANO That ponch, that moor. Too fat to scratch his navel with his paw believes he’s a sweet danger to the ladies. Even when mouthing tragedy he’s made his frog’s eyes into sheeps eyes. A fat lust. I’ve seen him. I’ve choked down my disgust until one night one victim that he chose, a slug slithering over a white rose. One lady- 00:24:10LE BRET Yes? 00:24:10CYRANO I was in love with. No, God knows I am in love with. 00:24:15LE BRET But you’ve never said one word! How could he know? How could anyone? 00:24:20CYRANO Absurd, isn’t it? This nose precedes me everywhere. A quarter of an hour in front, just saying ‘beware! Don’t love Cyrano! To even the ugliest!’ And Cyrano, now, has to love the best. The brightest, the bravest, wittiest, the most beautiful- 00:24:45LE BRET Beautiful, my God! Who is it? 00:24:45CYRANO She’s a mortal danger without knowing it. Undreamed of in her own dreams. Exsquisite. The unwary eye that sees her smile sees pearled perfection. She can knit grace from a twine of air. The heavens sit in every gesture. Of divinity she’s most divine. Not Venus nor the fair Dianes- 00:25:10LE BRET I see my friend, there’s no ban on uttering her name! Your cousin’s name, Roxanne! 00:25:15CYRANO Let not the shame of the dusty air besmirch it. 00:25:20LE BRET Oh absurd! This is the finest news I’ve ever heard! Ha! You love her, fine! So go and tell her so! Tonight, you’re covered in a golden glow of glory in her eyes! 00:25:35CYRANO This… gross protuberance, look at it. And tell me what exuberance of hope can swell the rest of me? I’m under no illusions. Oh, sometimes bemused by the wonder of a blue evening I follow with my eye under that silver glory in the sky some woman on the arm of a cavalier and dream that I too could be strolling there with such a girl on my arm, under the moon. My heart lifts, I forget my curse. But soon, suddenly, I perceive what kills it all. My profile shadowed on the garden wall! 00:26:20LE BRET My friend. 00:26:25CYRANO My friend why should allot such ugliness! Such loneliness. 00:26:30LE BRET You’re not crying? 00:26:35CYRANO Oh! Never. Never that. To see a long tear straggling along this nose would be intolerably ugly! 00:26:45LE BRET All right, not crying. But still sad. But your wit! Your courage! They can earn love! Surely it was proved just now, the girl who offered you food, did her eyes show hate? Revulsion? 00:26:55CYRANO True. 00:27:00LE BRET Well then! I saw her face! Roxannes! Tonight, during your duel, it was ghastly white! That skill, that courage got the girl! You’re halfway there, now dare to speak! 00:27:15CYRANO So she can laugh? At this? Why man, there’s nothing I fear more in this world. 00:27:20UNKNOWN Misseur! There’s someone here who would like a word with you. 00:27:25CYRANO Her chapperone. 00:27:25UNKNOWN I have a message. My lady would be glad if her brave cousin, as she puts it, would be good enough to meet her in private, as she puts it. 00:27:35CYRANO She wants to meet me? 00:27:40UNKNOWN She has something to say to you. So she says to me. She’s going to early mass tomorrow. Sun Rock. She wants to know where she can see you afterwards. 00:27:50CYRANO Oh God, let me think. 00:27:50UNKNOWN Where? 00:27:50CYRANO I’m thinking where! Where! The shop of Misseur Rageneau. The pastry cook! 00:27:55UNKNOWN Where? 00:28:00CYRANO The shop of Misseur Ragueneau the pa- 00:28:05UNKNOWN Seven o’clock she’ll be there! 00:28:05CYRANO I’ll be there! 00:28:05UNKNOWN I’ll be there. Good night! 00:28:10CYRANO Me. She wants to meet me. 00:28:15LE BRET So! It’s goodbye to misery! 00:28:20CYRANO Whatever she wants it means that I exist for her. 00:28:20LE BRET So now, excession of calm? 00:28:25CYRANO Calm? With 10 hearts beating within? The charm as muscular as 20 my arteries! Thud with thunder! Lightnings jagging through my blood! I need an army, meat for my defiance! So take away your dwarves! Bring on your giants! 00:28:45UNKNOWN Quiet there, we’re rehearsing! 00:28:45CYRANO We’re off! 00:28:45UNKNOWN Thank God you’re here! 00:28:45CYRANO What? 00:28:50UNKNOWN I got this note. A hundred men because of a song I wrote. I dare not go home. You hear? A hundred men going to get me! Armed, the lot of them! When I go to the Port de Nell, my way home! Oh let me stay in your place. A hundred men! Going to get me! 00:29:10CYRANO A hundred men. Tonight, you lay your head on your own pillow. I’ll turn down your bed myself, I swear it! Now, get off your knees, pick up one of those footlights there, you, the witnesses of what I intend to do, come too. But please, keep a safe distance. 00:29:30LE BRET You mean you’re going to fight 100 men? 00:29:30CYRANO Certainly. Tonight less than a hundred would be far too few. 00:29:35LE BRET But why protect this? 00:29:35CYRANO I expected you captain, to have to raise objections. 00:29:40LE BRET This drunken sot! 00:29:45CYRANO This drunken sot. Once did a thing pretty as ever I saw. It happened here in the city. Mass had just ended. He saw a girl he loved dip in the holy water font. He shoved his whole head in and drank the blessed lot. 00:30:05UNKNOWN Oh, what a lovely thing to do! 00:30:05CYRANO Yes, was it not? 00:30:05UNKNOWN But a hundred men against one poor poet, why? 00:30:10CYRANO Let’s march! 00:30:10UNKNOWN Oh I must come and see! 00:30:10CYRANO Why not? All of you! Gentlemen of the orchestra, will you? Gentlemen first, lady next. But some 20 paces at the fore, I come alone. Save for this triple wig and plume, this proud panache! Nobody must presume to aid me in this fight. My fight. My war. One, two, three, doorman! Open up the door! Ah, Paris. Swimming through nocturnal mist. The rooftops draped in ajure. Shiny kissed by an uncertain moon. Presenium all dressed and ready for the scene to come. To the Port de Nell! There was a question. Why do five score enemies seek to stick five score daggers in the back of one poor poet? Answer, cause they know this poor defenseless rhymer is a friend of Cyrano de Bergerac! 00:31:30Ragueneau’s pastry shop The next morning 00:31:35[sil.] 00:31:40CYRANO WHat time is it? 00:31:40RAGUENEAU Six o’clock! 00:31:40CYRANO Another hour. 00:31:45RAGUENEAU Oh felicitations! Such skill! Such power! I saw it all. 00:31:50CYRANO Saw what all? 00:31:50RAGUENEAU Your duel in rhyme! 00:31:55LISE He talks about it all the blessed time. 00:31:55CYRANO Oh, that. 00:31:55RAGUENEAU The peom ended and I hit. Such a synthesis of steel and style. Such tricks, such tropes! 00:32:05CYRANO The time? 00:32:10RAGUENEAU 30 seconds past six. Rhyme and rapier! Wonderful. The poem ended, and I- 00:32:20LISE Oh, shut up! Here you! Where and when did you get that? 00:32:25CYRANO Oh, it’s only a scratch. 00:32:25LISE Patch it, get some ointment. 00:32:25CYRANO It’s nothing, I tell you. Listen. I have an appointment here. Soon. Leave us alone, will you? 00:32:35RAGUENEAU Alone? I can’t. You see my poets are due. 00:32:35LISE That’s right, for their first meal of the day. 00:32:40CYRANO When I give you the signal, get them away. To write it on. 00:32:45RAGUENEAU Try this. 00:32:45CYRANO Ah, thank you. 00:32:45RAGUENEAU It once belonged to a swan. 00:32:50CYRANO Ah. 00:32:55UNKNOWN Mornin’! 00:32:55CYRANO What’s that? 00:33:00RAGUENEAU A sort of… friend of my wife’s. Very fierce, so he tells me. 00:33:05CYRANO Right. Write! Fold, give it to her, run. The time? 00:33:15RAGUENEAU Oh, two minutes past. 00:33:20CYRANO Letter written a hundred times in my heart. It’s ready enough, why hesitate to start? 00:33:25LISE Here come the gorgers! 00:33:30UNKNOWN Oh, sorry we’re late, we got held up by the crowd at Port de Nelle! 00:33:30UNKNOWN Filinus lookin’ corpses, head to tail, laid in the morning mud! I counted eight! 00:33:35CYRANO I think there were just seven. 00:33:40RAGUENEAU Do you happen to know who the hero of this massacre happens to be? 00:33:45CYRANO Me? No. 00:33:45UNKNOWN He splits from the nave to the chaps, these eight. Or seven, and sent off 93, screaming like cats. 00:33:55LISE Do you know? 00:33:55UNKNOWN Perhaps. 00:33:55CYRANO I love you- 00:33:55UNKNOWN Mud, cuts, sprains, swords, pikes! 00:34:00CYRANO Your eyes, your lips- 00:34:00UNKNOWN Hats and coats as far as the- 00:34:05UNKNOWN It must’ve been the devil himself! 00:34:05CYRANO Fear makes me tremble when I look at you. There. That will do. No signature. End as begin, with love. Then give it to her. 00:34:25RAGUENEAU I done this little thing. It’s a recipe in verse. 00:34:30CYRANO Madame, a word? 00:34:30LISE What about?


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