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Write a response for the following statements

Family Promise is the leading national non-profit organization working to prevent and end family homelessness throughout the nation.  It was founded Karen Olsen in 1986 after she had an encounter with a homeless woman while on the way to work and after learning that  homelessness affected families in her community (Family Promise, 2022).  Her mission was to bring together two groups of people: people in need and people who wanted to help.  In so doing so, Family Promise was formed under the name, “Interfaith Hospitality Network in New Jersey.  In 1988, this organization went national and in 2003, it’s name is changed to “Family Promise” to reflect the broad range of programs and their vision of ending family homelessness (Family Promise, 2022).  Family Promise’s mission is to help families experiencing homelessness and low-income families achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response.  Their purpose is to initiate coordinated local efforts to bring communities together to help families experiencing homelessness regain their housing, independence and dignity.

Although there are not any specific ethical positions stated, Family Promise does incorporate their ethical position at every level of the organization.  Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest independent charity evaluator, has award Family Promise with eight consecutive 4-star ratings because they are committed to and do operate at the highest levels of ethics, financial health, accountability, and transparency; the metrics used by Charity Navigator to award Family Promise and other non-profit organizations to include financial health, governance practices, and accountability and transparency (Family Promise, 2022).  
Becoming an Affiliate of Family Promise is no cost to the potential Affiliate other than time.  Family Promise coordinates goods, volunteers, professional services, insurance, technology, training (Prevention, Shelter Diversion, Shelter Stabilization, Housing, and Trauma-Informed/Resilience-Oriented Care), and more.  They provide the people needed to conduct a needs assessment for the potential area, a no-cost platform for national fundraising campaigns.  They also provide grants for certain programs within an Affiliation that are aligned with their overall vision of preventing and ending family homelessness.  This organization would be valuable in my career because I would about resources and policies that are useful in helping families that suffer from homelessness and low income.  I will gain a larger network that would always be ready to assist in rebuilding lives from trauma to healing and sustainability through education, support, and giving back to others.  
No, this is not a research organization an organization that’s fully committed to rebuilding lives by being the safe place for homeless and low-income families.

Below is the link for this Family Promise. 

2.American association of family and consumer science is what I chose as my topic for our week 5 forum I felt this would make a good starting point to discuss with my fellow classmates. 

The job description of the affiliated with the American Association of Family and Consumer Science (AAFCS) is to provide the necessary support, resources, and leadership to professionals that hold the primary responsibility of assisting individuals, families, and communities to make educated decisions in order to improve their overall quality of life (AAFS, 2020). This is mastered because it focuses on providing people with all resources as well as educating individuals when it comes to having healthy relationships while adding personal well-being. The ones that are providing the most accurate research and reviews made suggestions directed to AAFCS that they were to be a research-based organization in which they will use the comprehensive body of their research, knowledge, as well as developed skill sets which is none to be called Family Consumer Science with their main goal of being able to achieve their very own missions.  

You have a total of three memberships that are not all the same when wanting to have a choice to have options which consist of emeritus professional as well as being a student. I can name five members which are administrators, nutritionists, scientists, counselors and those in the educational field you can do further research on this and would more than likely come up with more. The AAFCS was founded in 1908 as the American Home Economics Association by H. Richards in 1994 it changed its name to what’s currently being used. I live in Mississippi so I would have to contact Home of Mississippi Association of Family Consumer Science to understand what is offered because all states may be different or vary in their daily functions but ultimately achieving the same goals. It is important that places like this exist around the world because that helps members grow and accomplish more versus them being just in one central location. AAFCS is the only professional association that helps connect FCS students and professionals from both multiple practice settings and content areas to share knowledge, research and experience. There are five areas in which compromise the code of ethics of the AAFCS. This organization denounce all expressions hate, racism, injustice, and discriminations. The AAFCS commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice is demonstrated through their work to improve the well-being and quality of life for individuals, families and communities. This organization is for the people and I wouldn’t mind taking on a active role in being a part of a organization such as this one. I am very happy I chose to research this because I will be making several calls to my local office to see if I can volunteer to help the people in my community. The AAFCS core values as Association members is: 1) Beilive in the family as a fundamental unit of society, 2) Embrace diversity and value all people, 3) Support life-long learning and diverse scholarship, 4) Exemplify integrity and ethical behavior, and 5) Seek new ideas and initiatives and embrace change. 

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