Appalachian Bible College AI Systems in Statistical Reports


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Please make up a purpose statement (in your professional or scholarly field) that would be appropriate for qualitative research methods. For this exercise, we will borrow in part from Creswell & Creswell (2018) script for qualitative research. You may select a specific approach or a general qualitative study.

You only complete this assignment ONCE (for one methodology) . We will discuss in detail in class. Be prepared to discuss the data you could collect appropriate to your study purpose and method.

The purpose of this _______________(approach: ethnographic, case study, phenomenological, general qualitative, grounded theory, narrative inquiry) study will be to understand/explore/discover/describe how __________________ _____________________________(participants, individuals, groups, organization) ___________________(central phenomenon being studied) at _______________________(research site).

In Addition indicate what types of data will be collected and analyzed for this study (based on the proposed purpose statement). Also add 2-3 sentences indicating WHY you feel this purpose statement and this approach is appropriate for the intent, topic, and data.

Please be aware, this is only a hypothetical exercise– you will not carry it out. The goal is to 1. practice purpose statements; 2. practice picking and supporting specific qualitative approaches based on topic, data, and goals; and 3. practice actual approaches for qualitative research.

Here are examples:

The purpose of this phenomenological study will be to understand how teenagers living in homeless shelters navigate friendships and social interactions in a suburban middle-class high school.

The purpose of this ethnographic study will be to explore how devout Muslim nurses fit into the workplace culture in conservative Catholic hospitals.

The purpose of this case study will be to discover how occupational therapists responded to new responsibilities and protocols when new owners reorganize an occupational therapy clinic.

The purpose of this narrative study will be to explore how members of high school swim teams describe practice, teamwork, and athletic performance on a Facebook group site for high school swimmers.

The purpose of this grounded theory study will be to discover how long-standing tenured professors feel toward university change when forced by administrators to increase teaching loads.

You only need to submit ONE methodology and ONE purpose statement for this assignment. Be sure to include the proposed data and justification for your choice (no more than one short paragraph). Be prepared in class to discuss.

Creswell, J. W. & Creswell, J. S. (2018). Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. Fifth Edition., Los Angeles: SAGE

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