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1. The book to refer from is: Mary Shelley “Frankenstein” 1818 text Oxford World’s Classics.

Take a position on this issue. Of course nothing is black or white, and you may end up changing positions or trying (successfully or unsuccessfully) to convince someone else to change positions.

***Simply put—to begin the discussion—do you believe Victor Frankenstein should agree to the creature’s demand that a MATE be created for him? Why or why not?


It should be at least 150 Words before citations.

2. Respond to these two posts with 100 words each before citations;

Number #1: I honestly believe that Victor should have created the Monster a mate. Victor decided to play God and create life. By bringing a life to the world, you become responsible for that life. The Monster claimed that he would disappear into the unknown with his mate. The Monster did not wish to bring harm to the world, he simply wanted to be loved and feel happiness. Although, it does sound like blackmail since the Monster mentioned that if Victor did not create a mate for him, he would continue to torment Victor. By creating a mate, not only would the Monster live happily, Victor would also be able to live happily with his new wife, instead of losing her to the hands of the Monster. Victor’s main reason to create a life was due to the loss of his mother. Now, I am not defending bringing life back from the dead; however, if Victor was able to give life to his Monster on his first try, maybe Victor would be able to have better results in the future. Trial and error would perfect Victor’s studies and open doors for the science world. Perhaps with enough experiments done, Victor would be able to discover the remedy to illnesses that were causing people to die, which could bring Victor closure and peace. Sadly, Victor decided against my arguments.

Number #2: I think that Victor should have created a mate for the monster that he created. Victor had decided to attempt to be a God and go against the laws of nature by creating a being made from the dead. In return for the thing that he created, it ended up becoming something so disgusting and horrifying that Victor chose not to make another creature to please the monster. In a way, I feel like this story represents Mary Shelley’s life and the struggles and hardships she had to endure throughout her life. Her life was also filled with tragedy which is personally why I feel like she wrote Frankenstein in the manner that she did. If Victor had created a mate for the monster, then the monster wouldn’t have gone on to kill everyone that Victor loved and cared about. Although Victor raised the dead, I do not support that he did that. If Victor had provided a mate for his monster, then everyone would have been able to live peacefully and the monster would have been secluded, separated, and hiding from the people who were not supporting it.

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