Ashford University Diane Vaughan Theory of Normalization of Deviance Discussion


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the book information Contemporary Sociological Theory and Its Classical Roots: The Basics, 5/e George Ritzer, University of Maryland and Jeffrey Stepnisky, Thousand Oaks: Sage, 2017. ISBN-13: 9781506339412

Discussion posts shall begraded according to the following: a response that is well organized and fully answers the pointswill receive 100 points. A response that does not fully answer the question and/or is not wellorganized will receive 75 points. A response that makes a minimal effort to answer the questionswill receive 50 points. An essay that does not address the questions or plagiarizes content willreceive 0 points.

Discussion Q1 Georg Simmel- The tragedy of culture

George Simmel warned of the tragedy of culture where over time objective culture (those products that people create: art, science…) grows while individual culture (capacity of the individual to produce and control the elements of objective culture) does not grow (or only grows slightly). Ultimately, individuals can’t keep pace with cultural products. They are less able to understand the world around them and are increasingly controlled by that world. What do you think about this warning? Consider social media. Social media is a relatively new creation. Do you think Simmel’s concerns ring true in this context?Q2 Thorstein Veblen- Conspicuous Consumption and Conspicuous Leisure

Q2 Thorstein Veblen produced a theory of consumption in which he determined that the consumption of goods is not limited to subsistence but that possession of goods can lead to higher status for those who own them. He also pointed out that this affects everyone in the stratification system since the tastes of the wealthiest class are desired and imitated by the lower classes. He also argued that before modern times, people were more likely to exhibit their social status through conspicuous leisure (not having to work-nonproductive use of time) rather than conspicuous consumption. Do you agree? Are people more likely to intentionally flaunt their status through consumption or leisure today?

Part 2 do the same as above pick question 1 or 2 to answer.

Discussion 2

Q1 George Herbert Mead – The “I” and “Me”

George Herbert Mead suggested that the “me” (the individual’s adoption of the generalized other- the conformist aspect of the self) dominated life in more simple societies. However, he argued that a long evolutionary process resulted in the “I” (the immediate response of the self to others- the creative aspect of the self) being more significant in contemporary society. Do you agree?

Q2 W. E. B. Du Bois – Double Consciousness & the Veil

W. E. B. Du Bois published The Souls of Black Folk in 1903. In it he discussed the concepts of the veil and double consciousness. Do you think these two concepts are relevant today? Please list specific examples.

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