BA 208 Brenau University Process of Creating a Business Paper


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1.Write a series of memos, letters, and reports. For the content of these documents, you will focus on a real-world industry and company in that industry. It should be chosen because you have experience in them or because you may aspire to work in that industry.

choose an industry and a company that you will focus on. In choosing the industry, be sure you have access to information about it and have confirmed that you know where to go to get information.

write a short essay ( one page) to explain why you are interested in it, what experience (if any) you have with it, and what kind of work you think you might want to do if you worked there.


write a recommendation memorandum to a manager or executive of a company based on the notes you have been provided at the end of this page.

Using the information contained in the Recommendation document (bottom of this page), create an actionable memo to a company executive. Remember, you are being asked for a recommendation.
Be sure to take into account that the primary audience is the executive committee of the company. write this as a memorandum, not an email. Use proper formatting and organization tools such as bullets for lists and subheads for key are being asked for a suggested plan of action based on your analysis of the facts you have been given and any research you do and your experience. Be sure your recommendation is clearly stated.


Recommendation Memo Notes

Assume that your company president has received many employee complaints about campus parking problems. You are appointed the chair of an employee committee organized to investigate the problems and recommend solutions. The president gives you a file labeled “Parking: Complaints from Employees,” and you jot down the essence of the complaints as you inspect the contents. Prepare a memo for an informational report to be submitted to committee members.

Your notes look like this:

? Inadequate employee spaces at critical hours

? Poor night lighting near the computer center

? Inadequate attempts to keep resident neighbors from occupying spaces

? Dim marking lines

? Motorcycles taking up full spaces

? Discourteous security officers

? Spaces (often empty) reserved for company officials

? Relatively high parking fees

? Full fees charged to night employees even though they use the lots only during low-demand periods

? Vandalism to cars and a sense of personal danger

? Inadequate total space

? Resident harassment of employees parking on the street in front of neighboring houses


When you write a business memo or other correspondence, you need to do research on a number of fronts. You will need to find out these factors:

Who is the audience? What do you know about them, including their area of expertise, experience with the issue you are going to write about, education, and other demographic and business descriptors?

What is the topic of the correspondence? Is there a background on this topic or is it new? Can you find previous correspondence to determine what has been said?

Who assigned you to the project? Does that person have a point of view or a goal in mind?

What is the current thinking in your industry about the topic? Look for speeches or articles from industry meetings or publications.

Once you have done the background research you can begin to structure your memo.

The reference below provides detailed steps and suggestions that you can use. summarize the process of creating a business memo. A one-page document is sufficient.


Guffey, M. E., & Lowey, D. (2018). Chapters 2 and 3. In Essentials of business communication (11th ed.). Cengage. (Links to an external site.)

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