Business Analytics Case Study


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A Case Analysis over the key elements of research methodology, business analytics, and concepts

  1. Questions must be typed out as headings, with follow up answers in paragraph format, and a summary or conclusion at the end of all answers as in the outline (Sample provided in Course Resources).
  2. You must use citations with references to document information obtained from sources. you will have not less than 5 references from the listed sources. The options are provided below.

The questions are at the bottom of the attached case and below

1. There are three basic features that should be present in any theoretical framework. Discuss
these features. Jesse has undertaken a literature review to develop his conceptual model.
2a. Is there or are there any alternative approaches that would allow Jesse to develop a
conceptual model?
2b. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of undertaking a literature review to develop a
2c. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the alternative approach that you have come
up with.

3a. Label the variables of Jesse’s conceptual model in terms of independent, dependent,
moderating, and/or mediating variables.
3b. Explain the general difference(s) between moderating and mediating variables.
4. Develop the relevant hypotheses based on Jesse’s model (use directional hypotheses).

5a. Provide a thorough evaluation of Jesse’s arguments.
5b. Provide a better explanation of why we would expect this relationship to exist.
6a. Try to come up with a variable that moderates the relationship between one of the
independent variables and ‘member’s satisfaction’.
6b. Provide an explanation of why and how you would expect that this variable affects the
relationship between the independent variable of your choice and ‘member’s satisfaction’.
6c. Provide the relevant hypothesis.

You can cite articles pulled from journals and websites below:
• Academy of Management Journal.
• Academy of Management Review.
• All other credible Business Administration and Management Journals.
• Business and Professional Ethics Journal
• Business and the Contemporary World
• Business Communication Quarterly.
• Credible scholarly websites like: “.gov”, “.org”, “.edu”, etc.
• Credible scholarly websites like: “.gov”, “.org”, “.edu”, etc.
• Ethics & International Affairs

•European Business Law Review

• European Union:
• Harvard Business Review.
• Industrial Relations
• Journal of Business Communication.
• Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics
• Journal of Financial Economics
• Journal of Management
• The Accounting Review
• The Economist:
• The Human Resource Management Review (HRMR).
• The International Journal of Human Resources Management.
• The Journal of Finance
• The Journal of Legal Studies
• The U.S. Census Bureau:
• World Bank: http://www.worldbank.or
• World Trade Organization:

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