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Discussion 1: HR & COVID-19

We have experienced unprecedented times, from both the employer and employee perspectives, due to the COVID-19 crisis.

This discussion post assignment requires your summarizing in your own words, the following three discussions: 1) Best Guidelines for working at home (see URL link below), 2) HR 6201, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (see URL link below), and 3) Provide one or two helpful coping strategies/ideas/modalities that you can use or mentor others through, during a need to work from home.

****Download and save the SHRM articles as they are available short term

Tips for Working at Home

(Links to an external site.)

HR 6201 – FAQs-The Families First Coronavirus Response Act.pdf 

Download – FAQs-The Families First Coronavirus Response Act.pdf

(SHRM’s summary)****Download and save file
HR6201_Families First Coronavirus Response Act.pdf 

Download HR6201_Families First Coronavirus Response Act.pdf

Managing Paid Leave During the Pandemic and Beyond.pdf 

Download Managing Paid Leave During the Pandemic and Beyond.pdf

CDC Guidance for Employers

(Links to an external site.)

1. Summarize at least five out of 13 tips for working at home. Feel free to reflect on which ones resonate with you best.
2. Review the HR6201, Families First Coronavirus Response Act. You can see SHRM’s summary and/or read the full bill. I’ve added other links for your convenience to see more information. Only summarize these two:
2a) Summarize the Emergency and Family Medical Leave Expansion Act
2b) Summarize the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act
3. Provide one or two helpful coping strategies/ideas/modalities that you can use or mentor others through, when working from home. You may use your own experience to advise.

Guidelines and Rules:
Reminder that this post should be professional and respectful in your discussion.
Minimum of 400 words total. However, discussion can include many more words than the minimum.
You must post first prior to seeing others’ posts. First post will be graded.
Provide substantive and detailed response for first two items (Work at home; HR 6201)
**Please be sure to practice proper writing for all of your posts, which includes correct:
sentence structure
synthesizing of ideas
separate paragraphs
Use bolded sectional headings to separate your discussion points
*Opening paragraph should include a main idea/purpose statement or problem statement and advanced organizers (points that will be discussed)
* Paragraph(s) should include the supporting information to purpose statement
*Closing paragraph  
Points will be deducted for not tending to these important writing requirements

Discussion #2 Assignment:

You have decided to start a new business. You see an opportunity to open up a drive-in movie theater, given the COVID-19 pandemic. People want to get out but the cost associated with keeping a traditional movie theater sanitized is becoming prohibitive and with the continued need for social distancing, the limits on the number of people in a traditional theater at any given time is driving profits down. Thus, a drive-in theater is an ideal way to provide entertainment to families while avoiding the COVID-19 associated costs of traditional movie theaters. You plan to charge only $8 per car. Answer the following questions with 1 paragraph each (label your paragraphs according to the question number):

What ordinary resources will you need?

What might you add to this business that could be extraordinary?

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