CHILD DEV 140 LAVC Law Paper


Anji Play/Forrest Kindergarten

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Please watch these videos and then respond to the questions below:

The first is on a movement in China to take childhood back and retore play opportunities for young children. More and more educators from all over the world are going to China to observe what is happening in schools like the one in this video.

The second video is showing a movement that has been spreading across Europe and has now begun to settle into parts of North America (including Gritth Park and the Arroyo in Pasadena).

  • Would you want to work in either of these programs? Why or why not?
  • What does the role of the child seem to be in these programs? Please explain.
  • What does the role of the teacher seem to be? Please explain.


Reggio Emilia ECE Programs

Group Discussion – ECE Programs

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After reading through the ECE Programs, please find your E.C. Program Group.

You can find it by going to “People” on the left-hand side of our Canvas page and then finding the group tab at the top (Early Childhood Program GROUPS). Each program that you read about will be listed and you should find your name in one of the groups. The title of your group is the program you’re researching.

FIRST (BY Wednesday, September 7th): Post your replies to the questions below in your group’s discussion. (Just reply to this discussion – you only have permission to see your group’s posts here). Read your group member’s posts. Did they find something different than you did? Were your replies similar? Do you have questions for them?

  • What is your program about – philosophy/curriculum?
  • Why would we want to send our children to this program?
  • Why would someone want to teach in this program?
  • What is unique about the environment?
  • What are the materials used?
  • What is the family piece (how are families incorporated into the program)?
  • Can you connect this program to any of the early philosophers? (Plato, Pestaluzzi, Locke, Rousseau, etc.?)

SECOND (DUE SUNDAY, September 11th): Combine your replies (editing out anything that’s repetitive) and post them to the ECE Programs Discussion Part 2. This should be a collaboration. One person should not do all of it – but one person can volunteer to cut and paste the final post. Please reply to your group in a timely manner.

THIRD (DUE WEDNESDAY, September 14th): After the responses are posted, you will read through all of the other groups’ responses and ask at least two questions to each group.

FOURTH (DUE WEDNESDAY, September 14th): Answer the questions asked of your group. Take turns, if you’ve answered several, let others jump in. If you haven’t answered any, take over.



Agents of Socialization – Due on Sunday, but please work on all week.

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Please review the agents of socialization from chapter two. Please make a list of examples of all of your own agents of socialization, but don’t label them, just number the list. Then discuss how the agent influenced you. If one doesn’t apply to you (like you weren’t raised religious or you didn’t go to childcare), just don’t include it.

My list – see if you can guess which one is which…

  1. Godfrey – taught me about unconditional love.
  2. Charles Ingalls- Taught me to see strength and power as important traits, mostly for males, but that it was okay for men to cry.
  3. Mrs. Pollard – Through her, I developed a closed mindset about myself as a math student.
  4. Mrs. Bergin – Through her, I learned that I was worthy of love and that there were adults in the world who could be depended on.
  5. Rex – Through Rex, I learned about a culture different from my own and also saw the perspective of having divorced parents.
  6. Katie – Katie taught me about hard work and that it is okay to sacrifice your happiness to get good grades.
  • Then go to at least three other classmate’s posts and attempt to guess which agent goes with which example.
    • Include a brief statement about why you think it’s an example of that agent.
    • Once a couple of people have responded to you, please go back and read their guesses and then in the replies, tell us who was who.

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