Concordia University Importance of Diversity in the Workplace Discussion


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Assignment #1: Follow Format and Outline Stated Below End of Week 3

Please read the assignment description carefully. Assignments in this course enable you to use knowledge from existing literature to address a problem you identify within your work setting. You are expected to identify a problem in your work setting and explain the gap between a current and desired condition. Choose a problem that causes you to think as a “researcher.” As a part of the process, you must become knowledgeable about the research literature relevant to this problem which leads to completing a literature review in Assignment 2. The Assignment # 1 is 3 pages of text plus the CUC title page and references. The paper reflects APA format. Select a problem of interest and relevance to your work setting. Explain why your selection of this problem is significant. Write three research questions that guide your inquiry of this problem. If your questions lend themselves to both quantitative and qualitative research, it is considered mixed methods research. YOU ARE NOT CONDUCTING A RESEARCH STUDY IN THIS COURSE. YOU ARE INVESTIGATING A PROBLEM THAT REQUIRES YOU TO MAKE DECISIONS BASED ON YOUR REVIEW OF LITERATURE AND DATA GATHERED AND ANALYZED FROM YOUR WORK SETTING.

CUC Honor Code Cover Sheet (3-page paper) (restate all numbers, titles, questions, responses)

1.0 Title page and Introductory Paragraph of the Topic (page 1) 2.0 Problem 2.1 Identify a problem within your work setting. 2.2 Explain the purpose for this study and why it is significant to be addressed 3.0 Rationale 3.1 What existing work setting data (evidence) support the problem you identified? 3.2 What evidence from the research literature addresses the problem identified? 4.0 Research Questions Write three research questions – each listing a single variable or perception to be investigated, and addressing the problem to be resolved to improve your organization. At least one question needs to focus on quantitative research, and at least one question needs to focus on qualitative research. Use the Format below:

4.1 Quantitative Research Question 1: Format: What is the relationship between (state a variable) and (state the problem needing to be resolved)?

4.2 Quantitative Research Question 2: Format: What is the relationship between (state a variable) and (state the problem needing to be resolved)?

4.3 Qualitative Research Question 3: Format: What are the perceptions, attitudes, opinions of co-workers regarding (state the problem needing to be resolved)?

NOTE: The qualitative question addresses exploration and/or understanding from participants of the importance of variables that are unknown or insufficient for describing a phenomenon. 5.0 Definition of key terms: List and define how each term is used in this study. 6.0 References

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