CUNY Brooklyn College Creative Development Discoveries Report


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Treats in popular culture

This task is about evaluating the way treats are expressed as part of popular culture – howare doughnuts featured in popular culture in Australia? What other brands and productscompete for the same occasions as doughnuts and how are they featured in popular culture? Consider memes, TV shows, movies, social media content and so look beyond theirown marketing efforts and consider how are these brands and experiences areportrayed inpopular culture.

Explore, but go beyond doughnut themes that are very well known in popular culture, likeHomer Simpson and donuts:

Use such popular associations as a starting point for digging deeper into the themesrelated to doughnuts specifically and sweet treats generally in our culture and what canKrispy Kreme learn from those themes, regarding areas to avoid, territories to be carefulabout and ones to embrace and amplify. Eg: the artistic sweet treat baking trend oncooking shows like Masterchef and the various “Bake-off” shows – are there implicationsfrom the popularity of that content for the way Krispy Kreme present their limitededition treats

Prompts for Investigation:

· Investigate popular culture for the ways sweet treats are portrayed and considerthe implications for a brand like Krispy Kreme. Start with the obvious and digfrom there to find interesting and engaging ways which Krispy Kreme could useto make the limited-edition range and theme more appealing and engaging.

· Use secondary research to unearth the pop culture content and then explore itsrelevance, meaning and appeal in primary researcg

Research Hints:

· Find easily and quickly understood content like memes which can be quicklyevaluated and try to explore a wider range of cultural connections, rather thangoing deep into a narrower set of pop culture references

The assessment tasks for this subject are all about the Krispy Kreme brand in Australia, and represent steps in developing an advertising direction in response to a project brief from a marketing clien t.

Marketing Project:


Drive frequency of Krispy Kreme purchase by light and lapsed users.


Get Krispy Kreme on consumers’ radar by offering limited edition doughnuts that are considered “Buzz Worthy” (so more people feel it is worth making the effort to go to a store or order online to try them).

Overall Student Task:

The task is to develop a concept for a limited time range of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and the marketing communications campaign to launch it in Australia.


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