EDU 259 Pitt Community College DAP in Early Childhood Classrooms Discussion


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Define DAP.

Explain why there is a need for DAP in early childhood classrooms.

  1. Describe how developmentally appropriate programs vary.
  2. First peer to respond to with five sentences by Paige Saunders DAP is developmentally appropriate practice. This means that a child at a certain age could be differently developing than another child in their class at the same age. They would need slightly different learning tools and may even be a step behind another child and still learning things the other child learned last week. You have to observe each child to see exactly what they need educational wise and what they need to work on. This is all in how and what we teach each young child.There is a huge need for DAP in all early childhood classrooms. It is age appropriate as well as individually appropriate. Each child will have an individualized learning education plan that is fitted for just them. DAP should also be socially and culturally appropriate for all children. Developmentally appropriate programs vary because all children are different and at different rates developmentally. Each program will be a little different because they have a variety of children as well as resources. All programs are of different quality as well, which is why it is so important to search around many centers when trying to enroll your child to one so they can be at the best.
  3. Second peer to respond to with five sentencesby Danisha Selby
    DAP is developmentally appropriate practices is age, individually, socially, and culturally appropriate. Catering to development allows each child to be met starting with age-appropriate make sure that children are like within a general age range. Which would lead to developing activities, routines and expectations that met the needs of the child. Next individually practice recognize how unique a child is with their own pattern and time of growth along with individual personality and learning style. Lastly, socially, and culturally appropriate, one must look at the families within the community and cultures before creating supportive and meaningful practices in the program.
    There is a need for DAP in the classrooms. Because we need to make sure the children can reach their full potential for their age. Implementing routines and expectations that match their age range. Having a DAP apart from the classroom will help meet children where they are and help them develop their full potential. We need DAP so the program will not lack universal high quality early education programs, inappropriate curriculum for young children, and growing concerns over differences in achievements.

    DAP programs vary in structure and content. Because each program models a different curriculum but at the same time share a commitment to the principle of the DAP philosophy.

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