EDU 259 Pitt Community College The Importance of Program Quality Discussion


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Respond to the following questions(s) for your discussion forum post: 5 or more sentences and also respond to 2 of your peers with 5 sentences. 

Explain the importance of program quality both now and in the future.

First Peer to respond to with five sentences

by Avery Hornick

Explain the importance of program quality both now and in the future. The program quality now is the workforce is the most critical component of quality in an early childhood program. All teachers need to have a foundational knowledge of child development and be able to lead activities that promote children’s learning at various ages. The program quality in the future is very much accurate to say that online learning is the future of education. This will change the future of public education. With the more diverse education system, the global literacy rate will be increased and there will be a bright future for the world in the future. But i also think that the online learning will also damage interacting with people. Education develops critical thinking, this is vital in teaching a person how to use logic when making decisions and interacting with people like boosting creativity, enhancing time management. Education helps an individual meet basic job qualifications and makes them more likely to secure better jobs.

Second peer to respond to with five sentences

by Britney Woods

The importance of program quality now and in the future is that early childhood programs are a great benefit for children. These programs help children learn and develop appropriately. Being that children are expected to know more when they enter kindergarten it is important for them to be a part of a program that are using the tools and curriculum to teach them what they need to know. Early childhood educators have started doing lesson instruction as a whole instead of one on one or small groups to help prepare children for elementary school (Kostelnik, 2019). High quality programs have children that are 3 and up doing worksheets out of a workbook to help the children learn how to write their numbers and letters.
These types of quality programs let children experience what they will be looking forward to when entering program. Since academics is a main concern when children enter into kindergarten and upper grades starting them out early in a high-quality program will enhance their academic achievements. As the years go by children will need to know how to do certain things and know specific material in order to enter kindergarten. By early childhood centers focusing more on academics and making sure children are prepared for grade school will be very beneficial to the child and their families. Academic achievements in a quality program will more than likely start being including into the curriculum since the requirements of some pre-k programs and kindergarten are changing.

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