ETHN 103A De Anza Misuse of Power by the US Reflection & Research Project Poster


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create a research project poster

Research a topic of your choice, related to the history of US militarism and antimilitarism, and
demonstrate your findings in a public-engaging form. Some ideas include but are not limited to an
Instagram post; infographics; zine; op-ed; TikTok. Ideas for research topic include but are not
limited to: a specific historical event involving US military expansion and the resistance it spawned a specific law that may be little known to the public that impacted people living in proximity to US bases; current US military escalation,etc.  


reply to this thread and share your project ideas, anytime between now and August 18. A short paragraph will be sufficient (no strict word count).

Be sure to share:

1) your topic of investigation

2) the question you want to pose, and attempt to answer, through your project

3) your target/intended audience and the format of your project

4) include 1-2 secondary sources you will consult, and at least one primary source you will engage with. Secondary sources can be a scholarly article published in a peer-reviewed journal, or a book/book chapter. For a helpful resource that often covers topics related to militarism and anti-militarism in Asia and the Pacific, see The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus:

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