Examining Impact of Age Related Health Conditions Discussion


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Research is essential in Social Psychology. Your assignment is to design a SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGICAL experiment following the first 3 steps to the scientific method. This is just a proposal, so the experiment does not need to be conducted.

This assignment is based entirely on the “Research” lecture. You need to include in your paper all of the necessary elements from the scientific method for steps 1-3. Pay special attention to step 3, the experimental design.

Be sure to identify your observation, hypothesis, experimental and control groups, independent and dependent variables, and subjects (including number and how they will be selected.) Be sure that your experimental proposal is relevant to social psychology.

In addition to designing the experiment, you should have a minimum one paragraph analysis. This paragraph can include what you expect to find, what problems you might anticipate encountering with conducting the experiment, how you propose to minimize these problems, or any ethical concerns you may have.

The proposal should be written out in bullet form; however the final analysis should be a formal paragraph.

Please note: If you assign people to a group based on a existing characteristics, this is not an experiment, and you will lose points. They must be randomly assigned to groups.

Assignments will be checked for non-original material using SimCheck.

You will only be allowed to submit your assignment once. Be sure to get it right the first time!

Your paper should be double spaced, with one inch margins. Please use only Times or Times New Roman 12 point font. Please submit your paper in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (rtf) only.

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeExperimental Design

10 to >0.0 pts

Varying Credit

10 points given if all 7 required points from steps 1-3 in the scientific method are correctly identified and described. The proposed experiment is related to social psychology. Partial Credit if some points are missing or incorrect.

0 pts

No Credit

The proper design has not been followed.

10 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeQuality of Analysis

5 to >4.0 pts

Full Credit

Analysis is well thought out and explained.

4 to >0.0 pts

Partial Credit

Analysis is insufficient

0 pts

No Credit

Analysis is not included.

5 pts



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