Failure Is Success Essay


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Step 1 Complete the Reading Response on Malcolm X

Please complete the Reading Response on Malcom X.

Step 2 Complete the 020 Connection on Integrating Sources

Complete the Integrating Sources assignment.

Step 3 Draft, Edit, Revise, and Add 1 Quote to the Timed Writing

  1. Reread your Writing Project 1 Timed Writing. Read it aloud to someone in your home and note all necessary revisions.
  2. Add evidence to your paragraph from the Malcolm X piece we read for Reading Response 1. Include 1 direct quote from the Malcom X reading to your paragraph. Include analysis of the quote (explain how and why it supports your topic sentence and story).
  3. Be sure you follow PIE carefully as you revise. Be sure to have an arguable topic sentence, include clear evidence (personal story and Malcom X quote). And after each piece of evidence, please add analysis; explain how the evidence supports your topic sentence.

Step 4 Fill out the attached Writing Project 1 Revision worksheet



will be your revised essay. Please fill out the worksheet and submit this worksheet as your revision.

This is the essay below:

Failure Is Success

All throughout my childhood, I’ve always believed that if you want something so bad, you must do everything so that you can achieve it. When I was still young, I would always want to become an honor student. I made sure I ace my exams by studying hard and even joined various extra-curricular activities so that I will be known as good in academics and non-academic activities. I remember that there was this one time I failed in my math quiz even though I studied hard for that lesson. I cried so hard because I thought that a failed quiz would automatically disqualify me for honorable mention. All along I thought that failing a subject automatically defines you as a failed person. However, all my thinking were wrong as the failed quiz only affects a small percentage of my over-all academic grade.

Years had passed and I still carry that memory with me. Though I am somehow immune with failed quizzes and exams, it still brought a life-long lesson for me and that is being an imperfectly happy individual. Sometimes failing at a subject would often lead you to better opportunities in life. In my case, this remarkable failed quiz paved the way for me to discover that failure are just challenges that makes our lives exciting.

Without failure, our lives would just be a straight boring line. Failures also makes us more human as it is sometimes unavoidable. Moreover, it challenges us to become a better version of ourselves. Probably, if I didn’t fail that math quiz, I am still the same old grade-conscious person who does not know how to become happy. In life, failures are just a temporary phase because the goal of every person is to become stagnant and become the better version of themselves in each day.

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