FGCU Outsourcing Is Beneficial Despite Its Shortcomings Peer Responses


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Peer Responses

Once you have submitted your response to the statements, reply to the posting of at least two of your classmates (100 words required for each).

  • Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings.
  • Respond by the following Sunday at midnight to at least two of your colleagues’ postings. In your responses, be sure to do the following:
    • Address the content of each colleague’s analysis and evaluation of the topic and of the integration of the relevant resources.
    • Link each colleague’s posting to other colleagues’ postings or to other course materials and concepts, where appropriate and relevant.
    • Include proper APA-formatted citations. Post references at the end of the discussion. A separate reference page is not required for discussion postings.
    • All resources must show an author and date
    • Do not post blank initial posts.
    • Do not use bullet points.
    • Editing discussion posts is not possible – be sure to proofread. (A helpful suggestion includes typing the response in a word document and then copy and paste it into the discussion board – do not attach).
    • POST 1
    • Would you say that the trend toward outsourcing has been beneficial overall? Why or why not?
      Outsourcing has its pros and cons like everything else. When looking at the overall picture the trend toward outsourcing is beneficial. Outsourcing offers an effective, low-cost alternative to traditional administration and provides HR managers with new opportunities to contribute directly to their companies’ overall strategy and business performance. (Lawler 2004) Yes there are down sides to outsourcing like loosing overall control, lack of quality, potential communication issues as well as some others. However, you gain access to a larger talent pool and the cost is cheaper than hiring more employees. Outsourcing is a great way for businesses to grow their company.
    • What kind of experiences in your current or recent job (or a job you would like to have) are positive? Consider, for example, company policies, procedures you must follow, relationships with your supervisor and others, nature of the work, and the pay your earn.
    • When I worked for Lee Health, I truly felt appreciated and that is how I wish to feel for future my jobs. The over all goal of Lee Helath is to be exceptional meaning that as an employee we were to meet and care for everyone with kindness and respect. The company expected us to be safe and healthy by wearing masks and following all CDC guidelines. My coworkers and supervisiors were all so helpful and encouraging. Not just only about work but about my life outside of work as well. I felt like I was apart of a family working for Lee Helath. Not only did my coworkers make me feel that way, so did the company. Lee Health has a yearly evaluation where you can get a percent raise depending on your performance during the year. Lee Health also offered bonuses throughout the year each for different reasonings. I only worked at Lee Helath for 5-6 months and left to continue my education in another field. My goal is to work for Lee Helath again one day, as a Healthcare Administrator. ReferencesLawler, E. E. (2004). Human Resources Business Process Outsourcing transforming how Hr gets its work done. Jossey-Bass.

      POST 2
      Outsourcing is the business process of initiating a contractual relationship between itself and other organizations to perform imperative tasks, oftentimes through international operations, as means to reengineer overall efficiency and to control costs. With a global workforce, additional perspectives, innovative ideas, and the division of mundane tasks for lesser labor costs can be seen as a positive aspect of outsourcing. However, the consequences of outsourcing can be detrimental from a microeconomic perspective. In the event of an organization deciding to outsource specific tasks in order to control labor costs, they may be required to downsize departments that no longer serve a purpose. In the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020, 17 million jobs were furloughed (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, n.d.). “[The COVID-19] pandemic caused the placement of certain restrictions on the movement of both people and goods across international borders. People and goods are the backbone of all businesses and commerce; and any disruption of flows, even for the shortest period of time will have attendant rapid and severe impact on the overall condition of a business” (Austin-Egole, I & Iheriohanma, E, 2021). In the aftermath of dealing with lost revenue, organizations capitalize on lesser labor costs by outsourcing in order to increase cash flow, productivity, and overall profits. In summation, this student believes that outsourcing is beneficial for an employer. Outsourcing stimulates a global economy, creates opportunity for “product diversification, specialization and skills development among the employees” (Austin-Egole, I & Iheriohanma, E, 2021), and increases productivity and profits.This student has many experiences in her current organization that are positive. Foremost, the culture created is flexible and understanding, which creates a positive environment for the student to be a part of. Some examples of what the owner of the company does to emanate this culture include keeping our company refrigerator filled with snacks and drinks of our choice, refers to us as her “work family”, and reminds us daily that our personal lives and family come first. In creating a comfortable environment, she has a low turnover rate and overall happy employees.

      References:Austin-Egole, I., & Iheriohanma, E. (2021). Outsourcing as a Leveraging Strategy for Organizational Productivity in Covid-19 Era. European Journal of Business, 13(6). https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ifeyinwa-Aust…
      Noe, R. A., Hollenbeck, J. R., Gerhart, B., & Wright, P. M. (n.d.). Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, 9e. Retrieved from https://platform.virdocs.com/r/s/0/doc/1777251/sp/…

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