Florida International University Major Depressive Disorder Client Map



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Luci is a thin, Hispanic, 19-year-old female presenting in an outpatient community mental health facility. When asked why she was there, she said she was always tired, was unable to think straight, and was thinking about killing herself.

Behavioral Observations

Luci was visibly upset during the initial interview. She repeatedly stated that she wanted to leave and seemed on the verge of crying. With reassurance, she was able to continue, but only for short periods of time. She stared blankly and made minimal eye contact. Her answers were slow, and questions had to be asked multiple times. When she did answer, there was no emotion in her voice and it was questionable whether she understood the questions.

Luci said that her depressive symptoms had begun when she was 14 years old and immigrated to the United States from Central America. She reported having felt sad and mad almost every day since. She also noted that it sometimes seemed that every day was the same day occurring over and over again. Luci acknowledged feeling left out and unable to have fun. She attended a predominantly Caucasian parochial school and was often bullied by the other girls. For the past two years, Luci reported lacking energy and having bad thoughts about herself. She thinks she is “ugly, stupid and retarded.” Luci has felt hopeless and in the past two weeks and has wished she were dead. Last month, Luci walked off her job at the local textile factory where she was an upholstery sewer. Luci stated that her coworkers often made snide comments to her regarding American jobs outsourced to Mexico and Central America. During this time, she tried to kill herself by putting a knife to her stomach and superficially cutting herself. She continues to have thoughts of suicide. When asked whether she had suicidal plans, she replied “Yes, I would jump out a window.


Use DO A CLIENT MAP format located in your text, please formulate a plan and course of treatment for Luci. Make sure to demonstrate HOW you would utilize/synthesize this week’s materials: The Suicide Screening tools, the Cultural Formulation Interview &The Supplementary Modules to the Core Cultural Formulation Interview (Choose 5 questions that would be helpful to ask this particular client.)

In summary, document one Provisional Diagnosis. Additionally, you must document the diagnostic code, disorder name, each criterion met and the rationale for each criterion based upon the client’s symptoms.

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