Florida National University Ethical and Legal Aspects of Nursing Discussion


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The complexity of health care in the United States is pretty extensive. Its health care complexity and bureaucracy are considered one of a kind worldwide (Camillo, 2016). The diversification of tasks involved in the provision of patient care and the personal dependency of care providers constitutes this complexity. Notably, a lot of funds are involved in managing the health care system and its operations, constituting a significant percentage of the national GDP. Additionally, the tasks involved in the care delivery are diversified from the ‘true system,’ which entails care provision that is good, desirable, and feasible.

Various improvements can be done to the dimension of performance regarding the health care provision. First, quality is an essential aspect of health care, provision of good quality care ensures a positive rise in performance (Busse et al., 2019). The systemic approach in terms of quality can be improved through creating a plan that is accountable, developing a team consisting of a balanced professional team, and setting goals in terms of care provision.

Second, access to health care services has been curtailed by various shortcomings. Nonetheless, improvements such as addressing the shortage of physicians and retaining and expanding viable programs such as Medicaid can be done (Crowley et al., 2020).

Third, improvements such as putting efforts to accelerate medical research, proper administrative coordination, and reduction in clinical errors help in proper efficiency (Starc, 2017).

Fourth, in terms of equity, the improvements that can be done are increasing the minimum wages above concerning the federal limitations on good infrastructure investments in the public health sector. Finally, the aspect of healthy lives can be improved by advocating for healthy diets, regular exercise, and regular medical check-ups (Arnold & Boggs, 2020).


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