Frame Narrative Discussion


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Choose ONE aspect of DOUBLING in the story, and provide a FULL paragraph analysis about this example. 

Place the doubling example you chose in boldface at the top of your post, and then spend a 150+ word paragraph analyzing WHY you consider this an important bit of doubling, WHAT significance you draw from looking at this doubling, HOW this doubling works, etc.

2. Respond to these two posts with 100 words each before citations;

Number 1: When looking into what frame narrative means, I came to the conclusion that a frame narrative is a story and a type of literary technique that presents a piece of a story within a story. This is where the author moves forward in setting up the stage for a more emphasized second story or for some shorter stories. This practice has been used for ages. Novels and authors have used frame narratives for over a thousand years. The most popular examples are Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, written in the late 14th century. Some other examples of where frame narrative has been used is in the story The Wise Man’s Fear, The Odyssey, as well as Frankenstein. Mary Shelley begins the novel Frankenstein with Captain Waltons adventure. This was completely different aspect that I did not expect. I had in mind hat a big greenish, zombie like story. Captain Walton was the framed narrative and is the main character in the second story. I believe that authors usually use this strategy to make the story more interesting to the reader.

Number 2: The frame narrative is a device used in loose terms to turn a single work into an omnibus. The novel will jump from plot lines nearly entirely removed from the original starting narrative. This can be a mere shift in perspective like in Frankenstein or something more elaborate where a character acts as an internal narrator telling stories to other characters such as in Sinbad the Sailor. Considering the earlier of those two examples you could also use it to take advantage of the trope of an unreliable narrator which of course could be used to great effect in many stories outside of the frame narrative. Another example that I enjoyed was Heart of Darkness where the first part of the book was told from the perspective of a passenger who frames the story that Marlow goes on and narrates. Frankenstein it’s used to well frame the story as if it was a series of letters from Captain Walton and jump perspectives to gain more insight on character’s motivations. 

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