Friends University Export Import USA and Brazil Paper


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Problem Statement:

Provide a short, detailed discussion of what you will research. Be certain that you clearly and concisely stated “what you will do,” and “why you are doing it”.

Example 1: The writer will attempt to develop a decision support application for management’s use to select investment projects. Research will focus on key ratios and metrics applied by management to choose investment projects.

Example 2: The writer will research the current status of voice recognition technologies and its future applications in the education domain. Research will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of using this technology to assist in educating physically handicapped students.

Background Information

For the problem statement, explain how you identified the problem (background) and why it is important to research this problem (significance).

Preliminary Literature Search

Perform a literature search to validate that your problem statement. This literature search is brief (minimum of 4-5 sources—no older than 5 years) and provides a background on the topic. Discuss your findings; then, discuss why further research is important (worthiness). Cite your sources in the paper and list them on the Reference page(s) of your paper (APA format). Later in this course, you will expand this literature search as you complete your final paper.


Upload your MS Word document to Moodle.

Your professor will download the document, provide comments, and approve the proposal. You approval notice will be in the form of returning the document to Moodle along with comments and approval date.

Final Research Paper

Final Research Paper (further referenced as “Paper”) is the most important outcome of MGMT691 Capstone Global Business Experience. The Paper presents comparison of business practices in the U.S. and the country you have selected for your research. Conclusion summaries major similarities and differences in implementation of selected aspect(s) of business in the U.S. and abroad. The Paper must adhere to the APA style and format requirements. A student can refresh the APA requirements by visiting Friends University Research Center website. The Paper is usually 12-15 pages long – the Title page, TOC and References are NOT included in this count.  A student is expected to use not less than 10 current resources from professional publishers and statistical databases. The Reference List can include only resources mentioned in the Paper. For in-text referencing, please consult Friends University Resource Center.…

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