Grand Canyon University External and Internal Stakeholders Discussion


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I have been impressed by the professional nature of the Rand Schrader clinic since my initial contact with their lead nurse educator a few months prior to the start of class. The email exchange and zoom interview set precedence for my time in the clinic. Communication is streamlined, respectful and all-inclusive at the clinic. Each morning starts with a 20-minute huddle in their conference room where my preceptor leads and talks about the day, staff, and issues to tackle. I had the opportunity to sit in on a staff meeting last week where the medical director presented their monthly data, target goals, and expectations. The communication of information through the levels of patient care is impressive and in real time. There is a chain of command but there is also a respect and equality that is prevalent between all stakeholders in the clinic. Our communication at the clinic between external and internal stakeholders seems to be working. The communication between the organization and the internal stakeholders like staff and patients is also strong. There is some information I hear in debriefs that isn’t given to staff in shift huddles but that is up my preceptor.

External stakeholders like the DPH have had more involvement with the clinic due to the spread of the Monkeypox virus in the LA County. Real time data is being offered as well as debrief of information for stakeholders on a weekly and as needed basis. Communication between my manager and her nursing staff happens constantly as they are scheduling, vaccinating, and documenting each administration. Changing the route for vaccines took a retraining session that was in partnership with the DPH nurse educators. The most important communication is taking place with our patient stakeholders. Barriers for communication involve trust and communication style. Information needs to be presented in a way so that the patients receive, understand, and trust what is being said to them. “Achieving influence in population health often requires four ingredients for success: research that is responsive to user needs, an understanding of the decision-making environment, effective stakeholder engagement, and strategic communication” (Woolf, et al., 2015). In my opinion and through my observations, is the area of communication with stakeholders that the clinic could improve on.

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