Grand Canyon University Preconceived Assumptions Discussion Response


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please respond to the following discussion post as a peer making a comment. Preconceived assumptions are used every day including prejudices, and interpretations by individuals throughout their lifetimes of individuals. From birth, we are in environments that proceed to bring in these biases and we learn them and then act upon them into adulthood some learned by parents others learned by society as a whole. However, sometimes these are beneficial when mentors are committed to changing these biases and giving them the environment of teaching and learning in a secure and safe place where they take these preconceived conceptions, prejudices, and perceptions of different cultures and change their way of thinking and have the create an open mind to them.

The psychodynamic method is used in development and focuses on human behavior, which is the most difficult to understand. It acknowledges that people are complex, unique, and inconsistent human beings with motivational drivers and decision-making interactional patterns (P. 2017.) This method can be used by leaders to improve employee interactions, relationships, and teamwork by:

Employees who receive regular training can and are able to be cooperative with others

When communicating with others it is important to listen and understand their feelings and emotions

Teamwork between groups should be promoted in a professional matter

  1. Conscious capitalism and its four principles should be used in the following matter when having employee engagement and collaborations further enhanced.
  2. Four principles include: Purpose, stakeholder, culture, and leadership
  3. When employees feel motivated and a connection to the company’s vision and mission. When the company or organization defines itself by its product, employees start to lack a purpose. The company should instead emphasize what their products do to make things possible.

When employees are more motivated they exhibited more innovation and originality in their work which makes this essential to corporate and organization expansion.

When individuals who specialized in conscious capitalism can produce happier and a more engaged workforce it reduces turnover rates with their employees and allows employees to be a part of something that can make the job a lot happier within the organization.

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