HRM517: Week 10 Strayer University


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You are now ready to deliver a final presentation to management establishing a project team and project phases needed to initiate the changes for a more centralized model of delivering HR services. Once the management team receives the report and is thoroughly briefed on the direction the project will take, you and your project team will begin work on the project.

The management team report will be a consolidation of the previous assignment papers you have written in this course plus an executive summary and final conclusion (offering importance of topics and recommendations for next steps). You may make up a fictitious company name (do not use a real company) and create your own HR project team name.


Prepare a 15–20 slide PowerPoint presentation in which you:

Create an executive summary summarizing and emphasizing the key points of the report’s contents, which are the topics from previous papers in the course. Hint:

How to Write an Executive Summary: A Quick Guide.

  1. 12+ Best Executive Summary Templates & Samples – PDF.

Address the following bulleted topics from your previously revised papers in the notes area with summary bullets for that content placed on the corresponding slides. Note: Make sure you incorporate any feedback received on your previous work, as applicable.

Provide a statement of overall importance and include the vision and mission statement. Describe how the vision and mission statement relates to the overall strategy.

  • Create a project charter and emphasize the importance of the information in the charter to the project.

Discuss a minimum of four outcomes that could occur during this project.

  • Identify and discuss the challenges a project manager may face when leading virtual or global project teams. Recommend a few strategies to deal with the challenges.

Outline the overall plan for communication management during the project.

  1. Explain how the budget was determined.

Insert the WBS and budget file, created in Week 4, into the presentation and summarize the meaning of the findings.

Use the following resource as needed: Insert a Chart From an Excel Spreadsheet Into Word.

Discuss the behavioral skills needed for project success.

  • Identify and explain the possible risks to your project and ways to mitigate those risks.
  • Prepare and include an original conclusion section that focuses on key recommendations.
  • Do not use any previous conclusion sections from past papers in the course.
  • The conclusion section must take all previous papers into account.

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