HUN 1201 Florida State University Food Label Nutrition Questions


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Choose a packaged (processed) food product to answer this assignment. The food label should include: nutrition facts panel, ingredients list with at least 3 different types of additives, and at least 1 type of label claim. You will need to turn in the entire label with this assignment.  (50 points)

Name of your food product: _________________________ Complete label attached (5 points)_________

  • In which food group(s) does this product fit?___________________________________
  • How many servings does this package provide?_________________________________
  • What is the serving size?___________________________________________________
  • In one serving, how many kcals come from: fat_______, protein_______, carbohydrate_______?  Show your work: ________________________________________________________
  • What are the percent of kcals from: fat_______, protein_______, carbohydrate_______?


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