INC #6 Sexual standards and socialization


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INC #6: Sexual standards and socialization

  • You can submit your responses to the questions below in written or audio form — it’s up to you. Some people are able to express their thinking better through writing, while others are better able to express their ideas through talking. Regardless of how you submit your responses, I recommend that you keep a copy on your computer or somewhere else until you receive a grade for the assignment just in case there are technical problems and your responses don’t make it through to me. If you have any questions, let me know. Instructions:
  • Watch this 5-minute video by Dr. K, “Sexuality, Part 6,” to learn about the four standards of nonmarital sex and to hear the instructions for INC #6: (????????)
  • Which of the four standards for non-marital sex do you most align with, and why?
  • Who/what has had the most influence on you in regard to your sexual socialization? Explain your answer by providing examples.

  1. Watch this first 5-minute video (BUT start at about 1 minute and 50 seconds in), “Sexuality, Part 1,” by Dr. K. (For the first minute and 50 seconds of the video, Dr. K is talking about the exam, but the video was recorded last semester, so it talks about the exam being “next week”—but our first exam this semester is THIS WEEK! I will open up the exam on Thursday morning, and it will be due by this Friday night.) Start 1 minute and 50 seconds in to hear the start of our lecture on sexuality: (????????) (????????)

    And here are some optional study guide questions for you from Chapter 4:

    • To what do sexuality and sexual orientation and sexual identity refer? Most sex research has focused on what? What does it mean the sexuality has both public and private dimensions?
    • What are the differences between bisexuality, pansexuality, and asexuality? (pp. 85-87)
    • What is sexual socialization and how does it occur? What is heterosexism (as described in the text) and heteronormativity (as described in the lecture)? What are sexual scripts?
    • What are the differences between patriarchal and expressive sexuality? (pp. 88-89)
    • What are the four values or standards of sexual behavior for nonmarital sex? Of the first three, which is currently the most common?
    • Sexual Frequency: Among marrieds, cohabitors, and singles, who has the most sex (p. 99)? How does frequency change with age?
    • Why are adolescent sexuality and sex education political? (pp. 103-105)

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