Indiana Wesleyan University Outsourcing Final Rebuttal Discussion


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Ethical and Legal Aspects of Management

Getting Started

After examining any ethical issue, you should be prepared to develop your conclusion. Your final rebuttal post should synthesize the main points of your posts from Workshops Four and Five. This assignment will help you to improve your ability to use the facts from an ethical situation and apply a predetermined ethical framework to establish an ethical outcome. 

Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to:

Utilize negotiation techniques.

Appraise situations containing ethical and legal compliance issues.

Synthesize the interrelatedness of biblical principles and the ethical and legal fabrics in American society. 

Examine the usefulness of specific ethical frameworks to decision making.

Video: Onshoring vs. Offshoring (Outsourcing Domestically vs. Abroad): One Minute Explanation/Comparison 

Article: Janitor Uprising highlights tensions over outsourcing

Background Information

You were assigned to a specific position in the debate during Workshop Four.

  • A-M Affirmative Position

N-Z Negative Position

  • The debate format is as follows.

Workshop Four – Discussion 4.3 (Initial Argument)

  • Post One – After you have constructed your first argument you will post your argument in the forum and thread. Make sure your subject heading starts with either: AFFIRMATIVE POSITION or NEGATIVE POSITION, depending on the side you have been assigned. The post should be at least 500 words with two scholarly sources, and one biblical reference cited properly in APA format. * For questions on APA style, go to the APA Style Guide.

Workshop Five – Discussion 5.3 (First Rebuttal)

  • Post Two – In Workshop Five, you must rebut at least two arguments that take an opposite view to yours. (So, if you argued in the affirmative, you must rebut two negative positions). Your rebuttal must be founded in at least one reference in the course literature or other literature you wish to introduce to support your position. 

Workshop Six – Discussion 6.2 (Final Rebuttal)

Post Three – In Workshop Six, if your initial posting was rebutted by a member of the opposition, then you must go in and defend your position and negate his/her rebuttal. If, for some reason, your initial statement was not responded to, respond to and help defend or bolster a fellow student’s original positions.

Navigate to the Discussion 4.3 and Discussion 5.3 to review threads for this ongoing conversation.

If your initial posting was rebutted by a member of the opposition, then:

  • You must defend your position and try and negate his/her rebuttal.
  • Copy and paste your classmate’s rebuttal into your discussion thread before composing your response.

Emphasize the strengths of your argument. If for some reason your initial statement was not responded to, then go in and help defend or bolster a fellow student’s original positions.

You only need to defend against one student’s rebuttal.

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