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Something I found interesting and would like to explore further is the marketing strategies that Kraft used to make Oreos the most popular cookie in the world. I learned about the adjustments the company had to make in order to market the product to different countries. I never knew about all the different versions of Oreos that existed or in how many countries they were a part of until I played the matching game. I also enjoyed hearing the global consultant’s point of view on living in different countries. She explains how actually living in a foreign country gives you a perspective that you can’t get in any other form other than directly experiencing it. Lastly, I enjoyed learning about the term “glocal” where you combine global and local tactics in international business. I agree with what was mentioned in the video about leveraging both to increase revenue and reduce costs since it will drive a company’s growth. The video explains this term in good detail and is something that I would also like to explore further since I found it to be very interesting although I never knew about it. 


I’d like to begin with the advantages and disadvantages of globalization. As mentioned in the lecture there are many reasons as to why one may go global which could increase the productivity and living standards of people in foreign countries. However, this can cause the local employees to lose their jobs or receive pay cuts because the company can find cheaper labor. I also found the differences between a global and multinational company to be quite interesting because at first glace they sound as if they should have the same meaning. When I learned that a multinational company adapts to the culture of the country, made me realize that most fast-food companies such as McDonalds could be considered as a multinational company. I’ve visited China before, and their menu is completely different than what we’d have in the states because the McDonalds in China is adapting to the taste buds of the local people. While a Global company would still operate at a national level but, only difference is that they impose their business model onto the targeted country. This means that a global company would refuse to adapt locally and prefer to keep everything consistent.

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