Keiser University Nutritional Intake Discussion


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Week 1 Assignment

The Nutritional Intake Assignment has two components that must be completed: (1) Food Intake Journal and (2) Reflection Post.

(1) Food Intake Journal: All three days must be completed within the Excel journal with all food, food stuffs and beverages documented with their respective nutrient composition.

NOTE: enter only the number values; no units like g (grams) are needed. The totals for each day will auto calculate at the bottom of the excel page. Food Intake Journal linked here (download and complete for Week 1 Assignment – make sure you are using the web browser Chrome to view and download items from the class) ~~~>

(2) Reflection Post: a 250-word post discussing what you have learned about your eating habits and how it has impacted what and how you eat and drink and how this relates to the organic molecules of life (Chapter 3 in the course textbook).

To submit the Week 1 assignment, click the Week 1 Assignment title to enter the submission area. When the screen refreshes the ‘Preview Upload Assignment’ page. Scroll down to the ‘ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION’ heading and click the “Write Submission” button. A text window will open downward; this is where you type your 250-word Reflection Post (Part 2). Underneath the textbox for the Reflection Post, there an area surrounded by dashed lines to ‘Attach Files’. Click the appropriate button for you to attach the excel file of your Food Intake Journal (Part 1). After both components are typed in and/or attached to the submission area, click ‘Submit’ in the lower left corner to submit the Week 1 Assignment. Both components of the Week 1 Assignment must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. ET Sunday (the end of Week 1).

Both Week 1 Assignment components – the Food Intake Journal and Reflection Post – will be submitted at the same time when you submit your Week 1 Assignment.

The Nutritional Intake Assignment is worth a potential total maximum of 100 points and there are two components:

(1) Food Intake Journal (50 points maximum) – documenting the nutritional content of what was eaten and drank for 3 days.

(2) Reflection Post (50 points maximum) – discussing what has been learned about eating habits, how what was learned impacted what was ate and drank and how it related to Chapter 3, the organic molecules of life (40 points maximum), grammar and spelling (5 points), and meeting the minimum initial post length of 250 words (5 points).

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