LAVC English Evaluation of How Responsibility Leads to Success Essay


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Essay 1 at a Glance 

In this essay,  we are taking the leap into using the concepts from one text to analyze  the ideas in another text. We will continue to work on carefully reading  and understanding the texts, but this time, we’ll be choosing solid,  specific examples to illustrate the connections we make from text to  text and explaining these analytical connections to our readers.

Texts for Essay 1

? “Don’t!” by Jonah Lehrer

? “The Science of Success” by David Dobbs

? “The Stories that Bind Us” by Bruce Fielder

? “The Other Wes Moore” chapters 1

? Gladwell “Do Parents Matter? Judith Rich Harris and Child Development” by Malcolm Gladwell

Essay 1 Prompt 

you will argue the extent to which you believe family  influences one’s ability to be successful. Using the articles about the  family influence on, and internal drivers for, success, and using Wes  Moore’s story of his family and father from “The Other Wes Moore” as a  case study, argue how much you think Moore’s family helped influence his  success, in what ways Moore exhibits the internal qualities that help  someone to become successful, and if there is a connection between his  family’s influence and his abilities. This means you will need to:  analyze how Moore’s family structure, and individual relationships with  his family, may have helped him succeed, the internal personality traits  he demonstrates that may have helped him succeed, and the relationship  between family structure and one’s ability to develop the personality  traits/mindset needed for success.

Your essay should:

Include a strong thesis claim and reasons in support of this claim.

While Wes Moore  is part of this essay, he is not the whole essay. Make sure to focus on  the other readings, too. You should also connect his story to the other  readings. Remember to limit yourself to chapter 1, too.

Include details, examples, and quotations from the texts to help you develop your argument.

Talk about  complexities—for example, you might think about Moore’s grittiness, but  then also explain how his family helped her to become gritty. Make sure  you use specific examples to help you support your ideas. 

Use your critical voice to explain WHY you’ve reached your conclusions about the relationship between family and success.

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