Liberty University Major Depressive Disorder Discussion


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Literature Review Paper: Part 3 Outline Assignment Instructions


You will continue working on your Literature Review Paper by composing an outline of your paper. An outline can be defined as a detailed, organizational plan to help you draft a piece of writing. It provides a meaningful infrastructure for your ideas before you even begin the writing process.Writing an outline before beginning a paper is the most effective way to organize your thoughts because it breaks down the argument that you are trying to make in a clear, hierarchical manner and it helps you visualize the overall format of your paper.


For the current assignment, all 3parts of your paper should be represented in the outline that you create: the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Please write in complete sentences while addressing the following content:

  • In the Introduction of your paper: 
    • Begin by clearly stating the purpose of your paper. What is the chief reason you are writing the paper? 
    • Next, briefly summarize the major points you plan to cover in your paper. 
    • Explain why your topic is interesting or useful to the target audience (i.e., other experts in the field) who likely would be reading it. 
    • Finally, present your thesis statement. The thesis statement typically is located at the end of your opening paragraph since the opening paragraph serves to set the context for the thesis.
  • In the Body of your paper, present your argument in support of your thesis statement. 
    • Specifically, you will present the major points that evidence/substantiate your argument. Remember the “Rule of 3.” A strong argument has at least 3 major points to support it. Present your major points in order of strength. Begin with a strong major point, then use a stronger one, and end with your strongest major point. 
    • Additionally, each major point ought to use at least 3 primary, peer-reviewed journal articles/supporting facts to substantiate it. You will provide specific details from the articles that help explain the supporting facts to your reader (e.g., participants, methods, instruments, findings, interpretations). Be sure that the details provided are well integrated into the outline’s rationale and effectively support the points being made.
    • Remember that in the body of your outline, you are not just reviewing or summarizing a list loosely related articles about your topic, instead you are presenting a logical progression of ideas in support of your thesis statement.
  • In the Conclusion of your paper, restate your thesis and summarize your main points. Then, using scriptural citations to support your rationale, discuss the following issues as they relate to the disease/disorder that is the focus of your paper:
    • Discuss the relationship among the causes of the disease/disorder, original sin, and living in a fallen world.
    • Discuss whether or not neuropsychological assessment is a Biblically-supported practice that Christian professionals can use to serve others.
    • Discuss whether or not the typical methods used to treat the disease/disorder are consistent with a Christian worldview.

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