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Planning out the research process gives you an opportunity to make a roadmap for the research journey.
After you have a strong research question, you need to map out the steps you’ll take in order to answer
that question. The plan provides you with that map. In this assignment, you will restate the (revised, if
needed) question, the primary source, the research problem, the purpose of the research, and the research
approach. If executed well, the plan will become the foundation for the Introduction paragraph of your
paper because it outlines the history and significance of your research question.
To complete the assignment, open the Research Project: Research Plan Template provided.
As you fill in the template, simply remove the brackets and the accompanying instructions and
replace with your own information following the instructions provided. A detailed description of
each section of the template is provided here.
Research Topic and Question
? Using the approved list provided, resubmit the topic of your research paper. This topic
should be the one approved from module 1 unless otherwise instructed.
? After reviewing your instructor’s feedback on the original research question you
submitted, revise your question (if needed) and list it here.
? Please note you should only have one research question.
Primary Source
? In order to determine your primary source, you will need to be sure that you have read the
Introduction in the Kibbe textbook From Topic to Thesis. The Introduction defines
primary, secondary, and tertiary sources at great length. Be sure that you understand
those definitions before completing this section,
Research Problem
? In 50–100 words, explain why your narrowed research question is significant within its
scholarly context.
? In order to do this, you might address issues such as differing scholarly opinions on the
topic, the historical significance of the topic, cultural trends surrounding the topic,
ongoing disputes about the topic, etc.
? For this section you will need to have conducted good preliminary research using
reputable sources. In the Research Project: Topic and Question Assignment Instructions
document you were given a list of tertiary sources to consult. Revisit those as needed.
Remember, too, that there are multiple resources available in the library research guides.
? Please Note: This section must be focused on the scholarship rather than personal
experience, meaning you must not describe why you chose the topic. Rather, you must
describe why the topic is considered important among scholars. Additionally, if there are
any key Scripture passages that are relevant to your paper, those must be explicitly stated
Research Purpose

RLGN 301
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? In 25–50 words, describe the purpose of your research.
? In this section, you explain how you plan to address the research problem with your
research and your paper.
? To state your purpose, you will one of these types of verbs: analyze, resolve the debate,
compare/contrast differing opinions on the problem, synthesize, or differentiate. There
are other words that could fit in this section, but the goal is to very clearly state one
purpose for the paper.
Research Approach
? In 50–75 words, explain what type of sources you think will be most valuable for your
paper and how you will go about locating and surveying these sources.
? Identify any primary or secondary sources that you will consult.
? Consider questions such as: Which sources will be most relevant for you: commentaries,
books, or journal articles? Why? Are there particular sources you know will be important
for you to consult? Do you need to read any primary sources in order to complete the
paper? Do you have time to consult the requisite sources for your topic and question? Do
you think you will need to use InterLibrary Loan to request sources?
? For the research paper, you must have a variety of types of sources, but you might find
that one particular type of source will be most helpful for your approach. If you think that
will be the case, explain why here.

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