LSC Humans Use Speech to Transmit Feelings Desires Thoughts and Dreams Reflection


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The perceptions we have about ourselves develop throughout our lives, shaped by our experiences, the relationships we have with other individuals, social comparison, and cultural expectations. Take a moment to reflect on the most significant relationships that have played a role in helping you become the person you are today. Keep in mind, that sometimes negative experiences shape who we are in positive ways. 

POST AN INITIAL RESPONSE THAT ADDRESSES THE FOLLOWING:  Given what you have learned about mindfulness and interpersonal communication thus far how have your views of yourself, of your interpersonal communication experiences and of your relationships changed? What things do you do within your daily life that you would classify as mindful awareness? As mindful practice? What insights did you gain from the communication anxiety survey tool that is part of this week’s class work? End your initial post by identifying a couple of specific interpersonal goals you would like to work toward as you proceed through the course.  


Also Respond to the below post

After what I learned about mindfulness and interpersonal communication, I noticed my views of myself and my peers has changed through the way I communicate with them. For example, I noticed in conversations with my peers that some people listen to respond rather than listening to understand. You have to really interpret what the person is saying because sometimes we might take what they are saying the wrong way then the response could effect the conversation. Also, if something is bothering me I will vent about it to someone I trust rather then keeping it bottled in so I can feel some type of relief that would help with my mental health. I have 2 sons and the toddler I’m currently potty training I’m improving communication competence by telling him to use the potty he gets awarded with a piece of his favorite candy. 

Regarding mindful practice and awareness in my daily life,  I recently started a position at Amazon and as I’m being trained on different jobs I have to pay close attention to my trainer to learn how to do the job correctly. To work well with coworkers I have to have a positive attitude. 

The insights that I’ve gained from completing the Anxiety survey tool is that my score was 126 that classified as moderate. As I was completing it I sure did get to thinking a lot about my anxiety and talking in front of a lot of people. Some of my interpersonal goals while I continue this course is to gain the knowledge and keep applying it to make better relationships with my kids, family, boyfriend, and coworkers, as well as in the real world with strangers.

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