MGMT 312 AMU Adaptive Leadership Discussion


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1.This week we are talking about adaptive leadership. For some reason this was very difficult for me understand. It just did not make a lot of sense to me so I took to alternate research to try and clear it up. Based on what I have gathered so far, adaptive leadership is a special leadership that is required for problem with very difficult leadership. For example, if a company has some sort of a technical issue, which a clear solution adaptive leadership is not necessary. The technical issue is identified, a solution is understood, therefore management and employee work together to get to that solution.

However, when presented with an adaptive challenge, adaptive leadership is needed. This adaptive leader needs to be able to see the big picture of the problem. This may include the culture of the organization, the methods the organization uses to handle day to day activities, or the employees that work there.

From there, adaptive leadership is not telling the employees what to do, but pushing them to find a method to overcome a challenge. Some employees may require a more direct approach to be told to do something, while other given the freedom of what the solution needs to be and they should find a way to get there by themselves.

Adaptive leadership requires a group effort of communication that way creative ideas from people’s various experience are heard. Since adaptive leadership requires the solution of complex issues, they should obtain tools from all of their employees.

2.Hello Everyone,

This week was very informative on adaptive leadership and how it is applied. In my thinking, adaptive leadership is what it is, the ability to adapt. This leadership style is able to with changes as well as prepare for them. In the reading it mentions the ability to not only determines what is necessary for the business but is able to identify what is not needed or can be without. Additionally, adaptive leadership stays with the constant changes in the business and adapts as needed. Because this leadership style is prepared for changes and adapts accordingly, this allows for finding why there are challenges, what the risks are and how they can be solved with the business best interests in mind.

The table 9.4 in the reading lists a view of typical adaptive leadership. There are the one time and straightforward problem solving, technical challenges and the adaptive challenges which take more time for review. As the table lists the types 1-3 it lists if the situation is clear or needing more time. There is a clear comparison between type 1 and technical challenges versus the more complex level 3. It appears as well that the different level of responsibility can change how the challenge is viewed or solved.

I think this type of leadership is best used in an environment that is rapidly changing and adjusting to changes more often. Maybe something in the manufacturing areas would really see this type of leadership as a plus.

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