MGT 112 Diablo Valley College Markstrat Reflection Report


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You spent a good portion of our quarter engaged in Markstrat, the number one competitive strategic simulation used in universities around the world to teach and assess strategic short-term and long-term thinking in a competitive business environment. Now I would like you to reflect on a few aspects of your experience.

You’ll be writing this as an individual, not as a team. It will require no research, but will require a lot of thought. Your submission should be about 1 page (single spaced) but will be written directly into the Canvas assignmentspace below. The reason I mention this is an individual assignment is because your submission should look nothing like your teammates’ submissions. This is because you are all very different individuals and this is *your* reflection on *your* experience with theMarkstrat simulation and your team. As it is a personal reflection, your response should sound NOTHING like anyone else’s in the class.

Please read all of the prompts before you start writing. When you start answering, write a draft of your thoughts and then go back through the draft and edit it. Please edit and correct your writing. You will want to add some, take some away, change the way you worded it. I have been teaching for 20 years and can tell the difference between a first draft and an edited piece. Make sure that it says what you want it to and that it is well-written grammatically (with proper sentence structure and punctuation).

What is your name and what team were you on (Industry and Team)? Please write, in three separate paragraphs, responses to the following three prompts (one paragraph each) regarding the Markstrat simulation and your experience:

  1. What knowledge are you taking with you (what will stick with you, long after the simulation has ended)? Take one full paragraph to thoughtfully explain this.
  2. What is something that you didn’t know before engaging in our simulation that you now know? How did this come about? Please take your time to fully explain it. 
  3. What are some skills that you learned during our Markstrat simulation that you can take with you to other areas of your life? Fully explain in a well-written paragraph.

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