MGT 325 Saudi Electronic University Management of Technology Worksheet


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please use your own words don’t copy and paste (no plagiarism)

?- Please use keyboard (don’t use handwriting)

?- All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced)

?- I want answer with APA reference, references at least 6

?- The answer should be total 1400To1600words

?Course Learning Outcomes-Covered

?? Recognize the dynamics and the importance of managing technological innovation strategically. (LO 1.1)

?? Explain of the concepts, models for formulating strategies, defining the organizational strategic directions and crafting a deployment strategy. (LO 2.2)

?Reference Source:


?Schilling M.A (2020),Strategic Management of Technology Innovation (6th Edition). Mc-Graw Hill Education. Electronic Version: ISBN-13: 978-1260087956 ISBN-10: 1260087956, Printed Version: ISBN-13: 978-1260087956 ISBN-10: 1260087956

?Case Study

?Students are expected to refer to chapter 5 ‘Timing of Entry’ of their textbook along with the case study ‘UbarAIR’ mentioned in page number 95. Then they are required to do an extensive research on Uber and it’s plans for UberAIR along with their innovation tactics and plans. UberAIR’s potential competitors should also be researched thoroughly.

?Based on the knowledge and information gathered by referring to the textbook and the students own thorough research; they are required to answer the below mentioned questions as per the instructions.

?Note :-

?? Only reading the textbook will not be enough to score grades or answer the questions appropriately.

?? Do adhere to the word limit strictly, mere one or two sentence answers will not be entertained, they need to be supported with further explanation and facts.

?? It is mandatory to support each answer with at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed journals.


?Q1- Give your opinion on the assumption- ‘Uber’s success in ride sharing would act as an advantage to meet its target returns and become market giant in Air Ride sharing. (, Min words 200-250)

?Q2- Based on your above answer (answer of question 1), judge whether it would be a sustainable practice by Uber. Defend your answer. ( , Min words 200)

?Q3- Throw light on the current status of Uber Air’s commercial deployment initially targeted to be in 2023. (, Min words 150-200)

?Q4- First mover advantage (Timing of entry) benefit Uber enough to risk such an ambitious project. Give your opinion and reason it. ( Min words 100)

?Q5- Will Uber be able to exploit Buyers Switching Cost? Examine With reference to chapter 5 of your textbook. (, Min words 200)

?Q6- How will Uber’s timing of entry give it the advantage of ‘Preemption of Scarce resources‘? , Min words 200)

?Q7- Elucidate the four first mover DISADVANTAGES that Uber Air might encounter. ( Min words 350-400

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