MGT 521 Saudi Electronic University Organizational Change Discussion


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Think about organizations that you are familiar with, organizations where you work/ed, schools you’ve attended, or organizations with which you associate.

  • Identify and briefly discuss a change/s in the organization.  
  • Share what instigated the change? 
  • Examine the change in terms of the 4 organizational change roles, change initiator, implementer, facilitator, recipient and who carried out these roles.
  • Discuss the position or title in the organization (leader, manager, supervisor, or employee) with the role they played.
  • Evaluate if they were effective and why or why not?
  • Do you think the change was effective? Why or why not?

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Student 1

Identify and briefly discuss the changes in the organization.

I have selected the company to review its organizational structure: Mobily organization. The adjustment shows how many organizational processes will be changed. Because of the uncertainty that change brings, many individuals tend to reject it. The transition describes the time between changes to an organization’s previous operations and its new intended operations. The transition is a continuous process with multiple stages to guarantee that the anticipated change is correctly executed and the funding cut to Saudi Arabia’s mobile carrier, Mobility, utilized in sales and marketing. Implementing the adjustments that result from the decrease in government money that the institution gets is the primary goal of this transformation and transition (Harry, 2020).

Instigated the change

The anticipated adjustments will significantly impact the business since the sales department must operate on a tight budget while retaining a clientele and adequate employee benefits. To prevent a drop in the large number of consumers, the mobile phone firm must prepare for the anticipated changes. The employees should be notified of the upcoming changes so they may plan their marketing initiatives accordingly. The team should be prepared to reduce the cash available for marketing (Polyanska et al., 2019).

Examine the change

The goals of the transitional phase should, according to Mobily in Saudi Arabia, make sure that the transition team that has been chosen to carry out the transition is well-prepared for the upcoming change so that they can deal with the forces pushing them to resist the changes being made in the company. Keeping friction from unforeseen changes to a minimum is another goal of the transition process (Deszca et al., 2020).

Supervisor in the Organization

The variation and results from the sales staff can be identified with the help of the supervisors. To keep the team focused on the change being made and constructive during the transition, managers must make sure that regular communication from the staff, especially the supervisors, is done. The success of the transition process depends on how well the organization’s staff members are handled throughout their fear and perplexity due to the anticipated changes. This is because many individuals are unconvinced of the primary methods to bring about various changes and are usually pessimistic about the upcoming changes (Deszca et al., 2020).

Evaluate and change the effective

The organization will be able to offer high-quality mobile networks even after decreasing expenses, and the change’s goals are met. Cost savings and strong employee morale will be advantageous to the mobile firm. The change’s outcomes will be evaluated using the sales team’s primary performance metrics and timetables after deployment. The management should also form alliances that direct the other business members toward the procedure (Kielty, 2019).

Al Rajhi bank and each Saudi Arabian firm must perpetually innovate in order to keep up with the ever-changing business climate (Deszca et al., 2020). Al Rajhi bank is a major financial organization not just in Saudi Arabia but across the entire region. In 1957, the company was formally established with $88 billion in assets. Staff members’ hard work and knowledge undoubtedly played a role in the company’s long-term success. More than 13,077 people are gratefully employed by Al Rajhi Bank, making it one of the largest corporations in Saudi Arabia.

Distinguishing a Change During the financial crisis of CoVD-19, low client activity at bank offices was a big issue. Many people have avoided using banks since the lockout and the ensuing panic. Improvements to the working conditions of the bank’s staff in Al Rajhi are one example of the new policies and procedures that have been implemented. The bank’s upper management established website portals and a remote working environment so that customer care inquiries could be received by staff via email or IM services like Whatsapp, even when they were at home in their pajamas. Al Rajhi Bank has reduced expenses and improved customer service using digital methods and business analytics (Al Rajhi Bank, 2020).

Several major concerns are outlined below:

The bank is not at the forefront of automation technology.

Face-to-face interaction at the bank is highly encouraged.

Since the covid outbreak began, there has been a decline in customer demand.

The bank did not have enough business analytics services or predictive behavior, Al Rajhi and there was insufficient communication between the various branches (Almonifi et al., 2021).

Because of the new plan, the operations manager at Al Rajhi Bank has taken on new responsibilities. He agreed to this plan because he realized that a change is required due to data analytics. Project managers and IT specialists at Al Rajhi Bank are responsible for implementing the necessary changes. The financial manager at Al Rajhi Bank works with staff from other divisions to effect change for the better (Al Rajhi Bank, 2020).

To a large extent, the evolution of Al Rajhi Bank may be attributed to the decisions made by the bank’s leadership. It is up to Al Rajhi Bank’s higher management to determine which procedures can be simplified and delegate the necessary tasks accordingly. Workers in companies changing should be active in determining the organization’s future course. When employees collaborate, they talk to one another, share ideas, and work together to complete a project (Deszca et al., 2020).

Each member of the organization’s leadership, management, and workforce contributed to the smooth implementation of the new system. Al Rajhi Bank’s management has decided to integrate business analytics with a remote setting, aiding in the rollout using in-house procedures.

It has been assumed that Al Rajhi Bank has benefited from transformation. The bank has seen a steady decline in the number of people using the lobby. With the use of business analytics, the bank could fine-tune its operations, which enhanced its capacity to foresee potential gains in revenue (Almonifi et al., 2021).

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