Miami Dade College Week 3 Nursing Healthcare System Challenges Paper


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Peer Response

The current healthcare system is faced with several challenges. Among them is the high cost of care and quality issues. For a long time, the US healthcare system has experienced significant quality issues which threaten patient outcomes. Further, the country’s high cost of care has made it nearly impossible for millions of Americans to access healthcare. Several efforts, including policy changes such as the passing of the Affordable Care Act, have been implemented to address quality and cost issues. However, these measures are not enough. Health leaders such as nurse leaders have a critical role to play in improving the quality of care and containing the cost (Nuckols et al., 2018).

           One of the most effective leadership strategies that nurse leaders can adopt is promoting teamwork and collaboration. In recent years, there has been a growing push for establishing interprofessional teams and fostering collaboration in healthcare. Interprofessional teams bring together healthcare professionals with different areas of knowledge, skills, and experiences. Combined, the team’s skills, knowledge, and experiences are vital in developing creative, effective, and innovative solutions to challenges that threaten the quality of care and lead to higher costs (Rosen et al., 2018).

           Further, teamwork and collaboration are essential in addressing quality issues that threaten patient safety. Issues such as medical errors can be prevented or addressed quickly when working in a team. Moreover, the team is capable of providing holistic care. Holistic care is useful in addressing all the needs of the patients. This improves quality and contributes immensely to achieving the desired patient outcomes (Sfantou et al., 2017).

           The nurse leader has a significant role in promoting teamwork and collaboration. Among the ways of doing that is by setting the teams’ goals. Every team should have clear goals. Having clear goals helps ensure that every member of the team is working towards a common good. Further, nurse leaders can facilitate effective communication. Effective communication is essential in ensuring that all members of the team are on the same page. Further, effective communication is vital in addressing potential conflicts that can escalate to damaging levels (Rosen et al., 2018). Thus, through their efforts, leaders can promote teamwork and collaboration leading to improved patient outcomes.

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