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I see there are a lot of student from my previous course which I am very excited about. I am currently a CVICU nurse in Jackson Memorial Hospital , I have been there for the past 11 years and because of this unit is why I have decided to become a PMHNP. Hoping to be able to help patients deal with mental issues that may occur with their journey from recovering from transplants

Health promotion involves enabling individuals to improve and gain control over their health. Mattioni et al.2021 defined it as a concept that aims to protect and improve the health of the public, including communities, populations, and individuals . Health promotion gets achieved through planned activities and programs that empower individuals to select healthy behaviors as well as achieve changes that lower the risk of developing diseases. Therefore, it is a vital concept to nursing practice, as it helps achieve the aims of the nursing field. Specifically, nurses who engage in health promotion contribute to numerous positive health outcomes, including improved life quality, more patient self-management as well as improved patient knowledge of their illnesses (Baker et al. 2022). Health promotion is further a fundamental focus of nursing practice, since promoting healthy lifestyles and wellness remains key to the elimination of the unequal burden of diseases that underserved populations and the poor experience. Nurses must thus constantly engage in health promotion activities to improve the health status of communities and individuals, enhance the quality of life for all individuals, reduce premature deaths, prevent disease, and lower health care costs (Baker et al. 2022).

Discuss a Theory Relevant to Health Promotion Practice

The theory of planned behaviour (TPB) directly relates to health promotion practice. It proposes that a person’s health behaviour gets determined by the intent to perform a certain behaviour (Pourmand et al. 2020). As per the theory, an individual’s behavioural intention gets predicted by the person’s attitude towards the behaviour, their subjective norms about the behaviour as well as the perceived controls over the behaviour. As a result, positive subjective norms and attitudes lead to greater perceived control and increase the probability of intentions governing behavioural change (Pourmand et al. 2020). TPB provides essential information for the planning and implementation of health promotion. Subjective norms have been used to study and describe patient behaviours, guiding the development of effective health promotion strategies. For instance, the theory remains instrumental in guiding health promotion programs for tobacco use, anti-drug media campaigns, and asthma counseling and treatment.

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