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Research article summaries 

There is no better way to learn about research than to read and summarize journal articles. Using the format below to summarize a minimum of 7 research articles on your topic. Note: you will need to choose a topic that can be used for all of your research assignments. You have many choices; some examples include research regarding student employment, multitasking, distractibility, study habits, short-term memory, conformity, gender dynamics/interactions, attitudes, stigma, driving habits, food/eating, music preferences, TV watching, exercise, dating, family relationships, sibling rivalry, social media usage, tattoos, or body piercing, discrimination or prejudice, laughter, leadership, social control, and sleep habits.

Research Article Summary Template (The template can be found here Research Article Summary Template.docx

Full reference/


Cross-sectional or longitudinal

Sample description & size

Dependent variable(s)


Independent variables (predictors)

Statistical methods

Key findings

Note: use one row per article, with a maximum of one page per article. Landscape page orientation is recommended. Each article should come from peer reviewed journals, and should involve data analysis (this means that there should be a methodology and results section in the article). You can make sure that your articles are peer reviewed by following these library guidelines: (????????)

Here is an example Research Article Summary Template Example.docx

Steps for Research Article Summary

Use library databases to find articles related to your research topic (dependent and/or independent variables)

Read the abstracts and skim the articles to determine if they correspond well to your topic.

Identify at least 7 journal articles (I recommend finding a few extra in case some articles are not appropriate, you decide some articles are not relevant, or you don’t understand what the article says). Articles must be published within the past 10 years. If you can find at least one journal article that is relevant, you can use the literature review for that article to identify more sources.

Find the information to complete each component of the table, using one row per article (minimum of 7 peer reviewed research articles). For the article summary (except citation), only use information from the methodology and results (including tables) of the article. Do not plagiarize the content for the “Key Findings” column. Summarize key findings IN YOUR OWN WORDS — do NOT quote anything directly from the article or any other resources. Instead, you should paraphrase using your own words, and cite the source appropriately. When paraphrasing, think about how you would explain the concept or idea to a classmate or parent. Show me through your writing that you understand the research findings. For the article summary, only use information from the methodology and results (including tables) of the article

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