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Question 1: Imagine yourself a semiliterate European contemplating migration to the New World in 1650. Explain how your exposure to these sources would affect your decision. Based on these images, would you find one region more attractive than another. Why?

Question 2: Animals in Popular Culture: Think about how animals appear in popular culture in the 21st century. Explain some of the ways in which animals are important symbols or how they represent qualities that are valued in contemporary society. You might consider children’s books, animated movies, comic books, even mascots of sports teams. Why do you think animals are so prominent in American popular culture?

Question 3: Monsters: European travelers were fascinated by the animals they saw. How did they characterize the animals they encountered and why? Consider, for instance, which animals they saw as “monstrous” and which they saw as profitable. How do you think their perceptions affected their desire to colonize the Americas?


Response 1: For:

Kirolos Soliman “ If I was a Semiliterate European thinking of migrating to the new world in 1650 and had came across these resources I would have a change of mind. These resources provide images and information of the type of animals and creatures that roam around in the new world. There is an image labeled Figure1.1 on page 64 of “Going to the source..” This image shows a creature with a child in its mouth and a ship full of soldiers. This image proves to me that it was not pleasant with the existence of these creatures. These sources would only discourage one from the thought of migrating to the new world. I would not find a difference in the regions because there are different types of creatures in different regions”

Response 2#

“The Europeans consider a lot of the animals they found monstrous. I believe they consider a lot of them monstrous because they have never seen most of the animals before. However, they found turkey, deer, and fish to be a source that could feed many people. This also brings profit to the people in the new world. I believe their perception affected their desire to colonize the Americas by only having one thing in mind which is opportunity. If they did not desire a new opportunity to grow or make money they would never leave their original settlement. They would look past all of the bad monstrous creatures and foucus on the opportunity they could build in America.” 

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