MIS 201 SEU Samsungs Information Technology Infrastructure Discussion


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The project involves studying the IT infrastructure of a relevant information system (IS)/ information technology (IT) used by selecting any organization of your choice locally or internationally

The idea is to investigate the selected organization using the main components of IT (Hardware, software, services, data management and networking). Infrastructure Investigation, which is in a selected industry, should be carried out by using articles, websites, books and journal papers and /or interviews. In the report, you are expected to discuss:

Project Report Structure: Part 1

Submission: End of week 5 Saturday 01/10/2022

Marks: 17 Marks

  • Cover Page (1 Mark).
  • Table of Contents (0.5 Mark).
  • Executive Summary (2.5 Marks).
  • Organizational Profile (3 Marks).
  • Strategies (4 Marks).
  • Technology Involved (3 Marks).
  • Data Management (2 Marks).
  • Identify the Stakeholders (1 Mark)

This must contain topic title (0.25), student names and Students ID (0.5), section number and course name (0.25).

(You can find the cover page in the blackboard)

Make sure the table of contents contains and corresponds to the headings in the text, figures, and tables.

What does the assignment about (1), The name and field of the chosen company (0.5), and briefly explain the distinct features (1).

Brief background of the business including organization details (1), purpose (1), and organizational structure (1).

Discuss different types of strategies for competitive advantages (2), and then select and discuss the most appropriate strategies to improve the performance of the organization (2).

(You can discuss any points that you learned in this course and its related to your selected organization)

How is the organization set up in terms of its IT infrastructure? Discuss the hardware (0.5), software (0.5), telecommunication (0.5), information security (0.5), networks (0.5), and other elements (0,5).

(You can discuss any points that you learned in this course, and it’s related to your selected organization)

Discuss the methods the organization uses to manage and process data (1), and then give one advantage and one disadvantage of these methods (1).

(You can discuss any points that you learned in this course (chapter 3) and link it to your selected organization)

Who are the main individuals, groups, or departments affected by the information system?

(You can choose any stakeholder who has a major influence on the IS or vice versa. You can choose 1 stakeholder to discuss)

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