MKT 6661 CUNY Brooklyn College Marketing Management Discussion


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Response-Select an industry for your global business venture-Marketing Management (MKT 6661) 

At least two to three complete paragraphs for your reply to another post.

Breiana Myles

Online Dating Apps

Online dating apps is the new way for individuals to connect with other individuals locally, and around the world. These apps are designed to be used for dating purposes, make new friends, and casual activities. Online dating apps were designed to target mostly the younger generation, and single individuals. Dating apps do have multiple purposes both positive and negative, but the overall idea of a dating app is to make new connections and possibly find love. The disadvantage of dating apps is lack of security, and not knowing who is on the other side of the device. Many apps have partnered with different online security companies to ensure safer connections are made, throughout the whole app experience. Dating apps have also embedded software that helps an individual communicate, face to face with the other person.

Manufacturers have looked at different ways to improve dating app experiences and stand out from competitors. Some apps have added a unique feature that allows females to start the conversations first. Some apps have it set to where, either gender can start the conversation. Depending on the app, companies have designed apps to tailor the needs for specific genders and sociocultural backgrounds. Developing different tools for individuals to input on their bio which is the face of each individual profile. A profile is how someone explains a condensed version of themselves to attract the eye of other people. Many companies have set up unique ways users can describe themselves. This includes videos, pictures, geographic locations, interests, lifestyle choices, and more. Although these features are optional, companies market the product to be appealing to the eye.

Dating apps, is the new way of connecting millions of people across the world. Many find relationships out of them, and others simply find friends. Online dating is a fast-growing industry, and expected to continue growing over the course of time. The impact of dating apps is starting to grow amongst all age groups, primarily younger groups. Companies have included fees, and advertisements within each app to gain a profit from users. After acquiring the targeted market and gaining a competitive advantage over other dating apps, this has permitted the development of a successful application

Book: Marketing Management by Gary T. Armstrong; Kevin Lane Keller; Alexander Chernev

Book Link: Keep in mind: Discussion Board Assignments

These are not short-answer DBs. To exceed expectations grade-wise, they require in-depth analysis explained to me and the rest of the class in at least three or four complete paragraphs for your original post, and at least one or two complete paragraphs for your reply to another post. “Complete paragraphs” include several sentences, not just two or three. These DB posts are intended to help the class develop your marketing plan assignment that is described in the next section. The more work (i.e., detailed content) you include in your DB posts, the further along you will be writing your final marketing plan.
Any term paper, business plan, term project, case analysis, or assignment may have no more than a 3% similarity score of its content quoted from a single source, and that quotation must be done correctly based on APA guidelines.

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