MSU What Is a Detailed Plan for How You Can Achieve Your Goal Responses


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On pages 338-340 of your textbook (in Chapter 10, the Motivation and Emotion chapter), Myers
discusses the topic of achievement motivation. This section ends with 7 research-based strategies for
achieving our goals. Please start by reading these pages.
For this application assignment, you are to articulate a response to the following questions, based on these
research-based strategies.
1. What is a personal goal you have for your learning / performance in college this term?
Following the SMART principles, please state your goal in a way that is (a) specific, (b)
measurable, (c) achievable, (d) realistic, and (e) timely. Please note this goal can be for this
course, another course, or some combination. Please make sure you address all aspects of the
SMART principles.
2. What is the name of someone among your family or friends you can and will share this goal
3. What is a detailed plan for how you can achieve your goal? Included in this should be a realistic
appreciation of how you can do all the work needed to do well in college while at the same time
addressing your other time commitments and life demands. (Since college involves a lot of
reading, part of your plan might be brief episodes of even 15 minutes of reading at a time, when
you have gaps at specific times during the day.)
4. Why will you achieve this goal and follow this plan? Please be specific. If following through
becomes difficult, what is a short-term reward you can give yourself to continue making
progress? (One example would be giving yourself permission to go on your phone for 15
minutes after 45 minutes of reading.)
5. What is a way you can monitor whether you’re making progress toward your goal? If you’re
not making satisfactory progress, what step can you take to get back on track? (One suggestion
would be to meet with your Professor immediately upon realizing this.)
6. In what specific environment could you do your work that would be most supportive of you
making progress toward your goal? (My suggestion would be a pleasant environment, with no
distracting technology or people around you, and at a time when you are alert.) For your
response, please name a specific location and time.
7. How can you arrange at least some of the above into a routine that can become a habit?  

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