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Brandon H

RE: DB 2.2 – Case study: Cooper

Professor and class,

When taking the role of Cooper’s counselor/therapist I would ask questions with a more open-ended line of questioning (Li, Wong, & Chao, 2019). As mentioned isolation and familial relationship problems produce more negative findings/responses in this writer’s opinion. Therefore, findings such as these can be answered with more open-ended questions to allow for building rapport and less judgment. Although the counselor is not judging Cooper the questions asked seem very direct in this writer’s opinion and accomplish a yes and/or no result (Van Bentum et al., 2021). This writer would start off by asking about the somatic issues Cooper is facing and what he has done/can do to correct these negative factors (i.e. sleep study, pain management, nutritionists, etc.). Likewise, business questions would be asked. For example, where he thought the family business would be now, and whom he feels responsible for such low income and the need to eat fast food meals daily? Using the therapeutic relationship as an open line of communication allows Cooper to analyze factors he is capable of changing (CBT) (Van Bentum et al., 2021). Putting the route to recovery in Cooper’s hands seems necessary due to the feelings of hopelessness and self-pity along with suicidal ideations when drinking, due to not being able to cover major bills/expenses. Furthermore, this writer would indulge Cooper in healthy social outlets he feels that he would be able to attend. With thoughts of suicide, this counselor will make sure that a safety plan is implemented and readily available to use. As IPT states that biological factors and stressors play a role in depression (Li, Wong, & Chao, 2019), therefore, as coopers Therapist recalling his Mothers bouts of depression proves beneficial for his own maintenance of diagnosis. When conceptualizing all these factors as Cooper’s Therapist, this writer believes open communication and disclosures are necessary to achieve optimal health and well-being. Techniques such as looking into further biological factors that affect his depression episodes, along with triggers, such as not being able to pay bills will be further analyzed to bring about personal praise for himself as far as what he is able to do now will likewise be discussed (Van Bentum et al., 2021). With positive reinforcement and realistic thinking patterns, Cooper will accept the now and what he can do to create positive change in his life (Li, Wong, & Chao, 2019). This therapist will have Cooper dive deeper into himself as a person and outline realistically achievable goals.


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Van Bentum, J. S., Van Bronswijk, S. C., Sijbrandij, M., Lemmens, L. H. J. M., Peeters, F. F. P. M. L., Drukker, M., & Huibers, M. J. H. (2021). Cognitive therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy reduce suicidal ideation independent from their effect on depression. Depression & Anxiety (1091-4269), 38(9), 940–949.… 

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