North Central College Evidenced Based Decision Making by Boards of Education Analysis


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Assignment: Signature Assignment – Analyze Evidenced-Based Decision-Making by Boards of Education

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The main purpose of this Signature Assignment is to use the information you have garnered over the past seven weeks in this course from individuals such as central office personnel and local school board members who are in a position to enact policy within a public or private school/district. You are to identify a recent policy that has been revised within a school/district. Keep in mind that you are to focus on an actual school board policy and not simply an administrative guideline. Policy charts a course of action and provides a formalized framework, whereas administrative guidelines provide the details for carrying out policy and enforcing it. Through this assignment, you will critically evaluate and analyze the decision-making process by those in leadership positions within a school/district and address the following five areas:

1. The origin of the policy.

2. The codification of the policy.

3. The implementation of the policy.

4. The data and information systems used in policy implementation.

5. The ongoing evaluation of the policy.

When formulating your paper, be sure address the questions below from the context of the identified policy you wish to critique. It is suggested that these five areas be APA level-2 headings: (a) Origin, (b) Codification, (c) Implementation, (d) Data and Information Systems, and (e) Evaluation. As an appendix to your submission, be sure to include both the initial version of the policy you are studying as well as the final, revised policy that was adopted by the board.

1. Origin

  • Provide a historical overview of the events and policy context that led to the policy revision.
  • Identify the internal and/or external influences on the policy revision.
  • Who are the policy’s supporters? Are there opponents to the policy revision and subsequent enactment?

2. Codification

  • To what degree, if any, did legislative action pursuant to this policy affect the need to revise the policy?
  • What are the key provisions contained within the policy?
  • What are the policy’s overarching objectives? What are the policy’s intended outcomes?
  • What fiscal/financial effects does this policy have on institutions? Describe any impact on the school fiscal and budgeting processes for implementing the policy.

3. Implementation

  • How is (was) the policy implemented?
  • Who are the major audiences this policy is intended to reach?
  • What committees or organizations (if any) have been formed to oversee or help facilitate the implementation of this policy?
  • Please provide details regarding other schools/districts that have been successful and those that have had difficulty with the implementation of this policy.
  • To what extent does this policy affect teaching and learning?
  • What indicators and/or instruments have been developed/identified to measure policy outcomes?
  • Has there been a difference between the policy’s initial objectives and the actual policy’s outcomes?
  • How would you characterize the quality of communications and rollout specific to this policy between the governing body and those the policy affects?
  • Provide any other pertinent details/specifics you would like to share.

4. Data and Information Systems

  • What, if any, databases/datasets did the Board of Education use/reference when discussing the policy change.
  • What, if any, types of new data are now being generated/analyzed?

5. Evaluation

  • To what extent are/has there been formal evaluations of the policy after adoption?
  • How is the policy’s effectiveness measured? What indicators are used to judge effectiveness? If none, what are your recommendations for how to measure policy effectiveness?
  • What results have been obtained? How effective is the policy?

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